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I need to give my sister practical advice on how to end her relationship with her Fiance-help!

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cheekymonk Sun 05-Jul-09 15:36:52

My sister lives with a partner who has been treating her like shit and I know she is seriously considering ending it but doesn't know how. They have NO kids (Thank God) and are not married but engaged. They have a joint mortgage. My sister paid the deposit for the mortgage out of some inheritance but I don't think that it was made part of the contract that should anything happen this money would be hers (have heard of other people doing this).
So, she wants to keep the house but cannot afford it on her own. My Mum has suggested lodgers which I think might work but she would have to buy partner out in the 1st place wouldn't she?

Its also how does she physically keep him out of house and legally she can't can she? He has once put his hands around her neck and on Sat pushed her around the kitchen. I think she needs to GET OUT of this NOW before he seriously hurts her. Its convincing her though. I thought thought if I could could some facts strainght and help her with an action plan, it makes it more likely to happen. Problem is I am 3 hours away but Mum is nearby and maybe able to help financially on a temp basis.

They also have joint savings of about £2000 but he has taken the card off her to stop her taking money out (she has been unemployed for 2 months but has a job now- she doesn't get her 1st wages until end of July though which makes her a bit powerless...

any advice?

Owls Sun 05-Jul-09 17:30:45

tbh from what you've put I think she'd be better off just making a clean break. Yes he is entitled to 50% of the equity and if she's going to struggle to pay it without lodgers, then it could become a problem in the future couldn't it? Not the best time to be selling a house but really don't see what workable choices she realistically has. Sorry to be doom and gloom.

As the savings are in joint names can she not just say to him I need my share now?

cheekymonk Sun 05-Jul-09 20:24:52

Thanks Owls. I have just talked to her now and she is full of excuses for him and zapped of any life. its so sad. sad

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