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Is emotional support necessary??

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happydaisy Mon 29-Jun-09 10:05:58

OK - I've had a crap weekend with dh. Spent Sat night arguing with him (trying to talk but always ends in him going on the defensive). I've posted a couple of times on here and had some good advice. But...

I don't get any comfort from dh and all i seem to get is arguments (he is very argumentative and unreasonable with dcs as well). he never agrees with me on anything. what i think is missing is emotional support but i'm not really sure what i should expect in a relationship - AIBU? He is known for being an "individual" and i just think his arguments with me are all to do with him trying to assert himself all the time. i'm not a shrinking violet but i don't see its my job in life to make him wear what i want him to wear or share my opinions. i have though tried to consider his feelings, even going back to work full time so that he could get away from a really bad work situation. if he has become reliant on me, why does he keep arguing with me.

i really feel like i need more emotional support/love/care/attention - but i don't really know what it is reasonable to expect. I'd be really, really, grateful for any ideas - i don't know what to do next....

Alambil Mon 29-Jun-09 12:37:31

Have just spotted your thread in AIBU where you say you don't want him saying stuff around the kids (from what I could gather)

I just wonder if he is now afraid almost of saying something wrong, so rather says nothing?

You can't have the support and love/care/attention without the nice compliments, shows of affection and other things IMO

maybe he just doesn't know what you want exactly, so is hedging his bets with doing nothing?

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