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mum and dad splitting up

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FrostyTheSnowgirl Sun 28-Jun-09 12:42:09

My mum and dad have recently seperated and myself and ds both live with them. My mum now lives with my sister half the week and comes home when my dad is caring for my terminally ill grandad. Im finding it very hard to cope with the situation, neither of them speak to eachother so are using me and my sister as go betweens. I feel helpless, im on a waiting list to get my own house but this morning I couldn't get out of bed and have been crying contantly. To make matters worse i've just had a huge argument with my mum about it. If it doesnt improve I dont think im going to continue having a good relationship with either of them. Sorry for the rant I just need to get it out

Aeschylus Sun 28-Jun-09 12:48:33

Sorry you are going through this.....

not much anyone can say will make you feel better, just hang in there

get yourself out of the enviroment as soon as you can, harass the council until they sort you out a property..

tryingherbest Mon 29-Jun-09 07:22:43

It's hard when parents split up when you are older - my parents did this and as an only child I really took the brunt.

Try to establish some kind of rules in terms of how they should behave with you during this difficult time. And really try to avoid becoming their parents which is often the case.

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