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police and pubs, not good neighbours

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darcysotherhalf Sat 27-Jun-09 03:52:05

Had a really bad night so far - we live next to a pub, which has been closed while the brewery find new permanent tenants. so they currently have some kind of feral adolescents running it in the interim. i hope they do, otherwise the broken windows, fights and litter is well, illegal squatters. very probable. anyway, beginning of last week they began playing their music at 4am. very loudly, more than the normal ear drum could cope with. on a weekend, friday or saturday night. i wouldn't mind. but with a little boy and a grumpy husband not good. anyway, i rang the brewery and asked very politely if they could talk to their tenants which, after a moment or two they said okkkk? i explained and they went mmm. I had tried talking to them, but they only seem to open after their hangovers clear, which could be anytime from 2pm until midnight. my life isn't long enough, so i ignored it.

skip to tuesday night, woke at 4am to loud music, and an empty husband side of bed - noise of braying on pub door to keep it down by husband. they very considerately did. we thought, end of.

why am i awake at this time of the morning then? because they, considerately decided to bray on our door (we had gone to bed) yelling 'oggy, oggy' (the chant) and 'wakey wakey'. then the noise of smashing on the door and the yells of women trying to calm people down.

i rang the police. they were very good and tried to calm them down, two of the tenants dispersed and four more were pottering around giggling and eating pizza. i had had enough so i popped my head out the upstairs window and asked if they were ok. i thought the police had left, you see, and that they were still trying to break in.

god. never been so scared in my whole life. ds was very good and slept through it all. as did dh, who i thought it best not to wake as he might aggravate matters.

so, am sat downstairs standing guard to make sure there are no more nighttime visitors. i answered the door to the policeman shaking. it was really scary.

will they come back tomorrow do you think?

darcysotherhalf Sat 27-Jun-09 03:54:14

oh, and there appears to be half of wedgewood factories china on our front step. broken. and scratches on the door.

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Sat 27-Jun-09 08:53:34

What are the police going to do about it? How terrifying. The police need to deal with this as they are being very threatening and possibly dangerous.

darcysotherhalf Sat 27-Jun-09 12:58:19

they said there wasn't much they could do,unless they tried it again. am waiting for the pub to open so i can go and have a quiet, respectable word.

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