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just mad!!

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haven Sat 14-May-05 14:46:21

dh can be such a butt sometimes...if you cry does your dh console you...If you are upset with them not someone else?

charleepeters Sat 14-May-05 14:48:35

mine doesnt but i think that because he doesnt know what to say or do he just leaves me to it, i think its a bit mean of him but he cant help it i suppose

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 14-May-05 14:52:05

It depends what we've argued about.

9 times out of 10 he'll console me if I'm crying that other 1 time is when he comes to where ever I am and I throw something at him or tell him to F off!

mytwopenceworth Sun 15-May-05 22:49:23

my dh is a bloody pain in the arse about this stuff. when im upset he wants us to sit down together and discuss it, to break down the 'issue' into pieces and address it! i want a hug and to be told im loved, he wants to plan a strategy!! ARRGGHHHHHHHHH

starshaker Sun 15-May-05 22:52:58

im the opposite i want to stay angry and when he consoles me it makes me cry more cos hes being nice does that make sense

mytwopenceworth Sun 15-May-05 23:01:59

actually, he does one other thing to me - when i'm going off on one (not upset over a problem, just mad at him), and shouting, he very lightly taps at my face - stress NOT hitting me, but 'tiptapping'. he thinks its funny. Or I go off on one and he laughs at me and says 'i love you' and then sits there sniggering at me like me being angry is soooo funny

starshaker Mon 16-May-05 17:30:11

men can be so annoying. i dont swear that much but there are times when im angry that i cant help it and he seems to prevoke me but he gets more annoyed cos im swearing at him rather than the reason were arguing lol

nutcracker Mon 16-May-05 17:41:50

No mine doesn't.

He did tell me yesterday that he worshipped the ground i walk on which actually worries me alot.

HappyDaddy Mon 16-May-05 23:05:39

With hormones like yours, is it any wonder we're a little lost, ladies?

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