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families at war,wish they werent!!

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saggyjuju Wed 24-Jun-09 21:28:38

you all give such good,honest,in fact very very honest support or advice on here in all sorts of differant life issues,its so obvious and when its written down on here looks so simple and easy to sort out whatever the problems are,so why cant it happen just like that? i am watching our family disintergrate before my eyes,there are lots of differant issues going on in a very large extended family,but we sit at home and discuss what we can do or say to try and resolve things offer this out and really just seem to be hitting a large stone wall and cannot remotely get through to anyone it feels,do we just sit back and let the peices fall and hope one day things can be put back together? sad

HolyGuacamole Wed 24-Jun-09 23:13:43

If talking is not working at the moment, what about some time out?

saggyjuju Thu 25-Jun-09 11:36:37

it seems its the only choice,i dont get it we are non aggressive go out of our ways to involve the family,we all seem to want the same things out of life,my husband thinks its because we dont kick off and just let them walk all over us,and there are members of the family that are very nice people but would not accept the crap we have had to and surprise surprise its doesnt happen to them.most of my own family have turned away from me as though i had died,this has taken a few years to just get to a point where i feel its bearable on a day to day basis,it still painful but when shit kicks off from my husbands side it just makes me wonder what must i have done.

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