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Your Psycho ex stories please.

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sunfleurs Fri 19-Jun-09 14:32:19

Just been reading Ever dated a Psycho?. Very funny and rather terrifying.

Got me thinking about "C**", who I met in a bar in Nottingham many years ago. I was with my sister and he sent a bottle of champagne over to our table. So far so good, we asked him and his mate to join us. As we drank the champagne he asked me out for the following weekend, I agreed. During the evening my sister happened to mention that she worked in bank. The night ended without further event.

Next morning around 09.45 am, I got a call from my sister "guess who I have had a phone call from this morning" she said. It turns out that "C**" had rung every high street bank's HQ to find my sister, she didn't even work in the town where we met them had come over on the train that night. He pretended to be a business customer and they gave him her branch and telephone ext. He rang her to find out if I really liked him and to tell her that he had booked a limosine to pick me up for our date and that she should let me know to pack a weekend bag shock.

He called that night to confirm our "date" I declined politely telling him I was busy that weekend, under the circumstances I don't think I was being unreasonable to fib. Phone call ended well. He then phoned me back 5 minutes later and continued to do so every 2-3 minutes for the rest of the evening leaving more and more abusive messages on my voice mail culminating in a screaming message telling me what a "using bitch" I was. Needless to say I returned no further calls and changed my number promptly.

Lucky escape there I think.

Anyone else escaped a psycho or currently in the process grin.

mrsboogie Fri 19-Jun-09 14:54:53

I have posted about my psycho ex before - he was a compulsive liar and after I dumped him he decided to get back with his gf before me - he broke into her house when she wasn't there and rigged the hot water boiler so that it leaked boiling water all over her house and totally wrecked it. Then he proceeded to pretend to discover said disaster so he could be there when she was telephoned by her family to come home and see what had happened. This was all so that he could offer to take her dog to stay with him (he knew she wouldn't stay with him herself) so that he could get back in her good books.

He also, after I had broken up with him but was agreeing to be friends, invited me round to his house for wine and pizza. As I as wondering what the funny powdery taste on the meal was I suddenly conked out old - he had spiked my food and drink with his sleeping tablets hmm

Woke up at 4am and ran out of there screaming...

OldLadyKnowsNothing Fri 19-Jun-09 14:57:56

Not me, but a friend - and I introduced them! blush

As a friend he was OK, really he was, though I suppose the fact he claimed all of his exs were nutters should have told me something. Anyway, my female friend asked for an introduction, they got along well for a wee while, but within a fortnight he was telling her what clothes to wear and by the time a month had gone by his demands were so ridiculous that the relationship ended - he actually dumped her!

Then he tormented her for weeks with phone calls and texts repeating his demands - all she had to do to be worthy of the love hmm he felt for her was stop smoking, (maybe fair enough) give up her job, her children (adults), her friends, her animals (though she could keep the cat) and her home. shock When he started with the drivebys DH sent him a text, politely asking him to leave her alone. His response was to dump us, as we were insufficiently good friends if we believed that lying junkie bitch over him. Er, we saw the texts! hmm

No great loss, tbh.

sunfleurs Fri 19-Jun-09 14:59:45

Oh dear mrsboogie that is scary shock.

A family member's husband has recently been arrested for drugging her coffee. They are estranged and he came round and offered to make her a drink, she realised almost immediately and rang her Mum who called the police on her way over. Apparently not the first time he has done this either. Nutter.

drlove8 Fri 19-Jun-09 15:24:25

I had a weird boyfriend when i was 17. He kept on and on about his twin brother. They were supposed to be identical, and ex's twin was always getting into trouble and blaming him for it.I ran for the hills after i met ex-boyf parents who told me that his "twin" didnt actually exist and was a phycotic delusion .... he was scitzophrenic.shock.(spelling)

ridingjoker Fri 19-Jun-09 15:28:25

i dumped my ex. he kept calling and coming round.

evetually stopped taking calls and pretending i wasn't home. and used to get security at my work to walk me to my car.

resulted in his chasing me down motorway , trying to run me off the road "to talk" aparently. dialled 999, had to drive to nearest police station via them directing me while being chased, hid there till he left. then police went to his house to warn him not to do it again.

oh and when i started seeing someone new he would go round there house. day and night, badgering them to dump me. and watching me coming and going. then leave voicemails to say he knew where i was and why was i cheating on hello, i dumped you months ago.

i am glutton for punishment and got back together with him a year later. had kids. needless to say left him again recently.

i am a fool.

but never told him my new address for months.and he knows where i stay now to drop kids off. but i usually pick up and drop off as i dont let him in house. and dare not tell him i've started seeing someone new.

waiting for him to get himself a new partner first so his obsessive nature is centred elsewhere.

treedelivery Fri 19-Jun-09 15:30:07

I met a guy who showed me his diary. In it he wrote about an angel who came to him in dreams, same name as mine and same colouring etc, and I was that angel.

Got my angelic ass out of that one.

Bucharest Fri 19-Jun-09 15:32:52

Not me, although I do have a nutter-come-hither magnet sometimes, but dp has a stalker who claims to be a white witch...she is currently, thankfully in Australia (her homeland- thank Christ for Facebook and the likes, so I get to do the stalking for once..) She used to stand under my window till stupid o'clock and then ring me and tell me what time he'd arrived, what time he'd gone home....she was a teacher in the same small Italian town as me and became obsessed with both of us...she moved into my flat when I vacated it (no doubt sniffing the sheets as she went) would wait for him outside his house at 7am every morning, told me he wanted to make her pregnant because he was her destiny....called me anything up to 80 times a night, came to my flat with parcels for me....I was actually convinced initially that he was seeing both of us, her stories were very real, but then when I suggested we confront him together she dropped all pretense of sisterhood and started to come out with all the witchy stuff....I am 5ft 10 and blonde, she is about 5ft 4 and brown haired and she said he had chosen me over her because we looked alike hmm She told students of hers that their wedding had been cancelled because I was causing trouble, but that she had a wedding dress in the wardrobe and would drag him to church on the edge of a knife if necessary. Even when we confronted her together she laughed hysterically and said I'd come to see her as I'd obviously seen sense that the two of them were meant to be together.....

My wierdest bloke used to draw flowers all over his face and send me blood stained gothic poetry but tbh, he pales into insignificance next to the witch.

JustcallmeDog Fri 19-Jun-09 15:33:53

Message withdrawn

NellyNoKnicks Fri 19-Jun-09 15:38:46

When I finished with my ex he used every trick in the book to try and win me back, getting his mum and sis to call me, blackmailing me emotionally about his daughter, calling me incessantly ranting and crying down the phone, waiting for me knowing I'd be walking the dog to give me a love poem or begging letter and then telling me that he had tried to commit suicide.

I had to laugh when he told me he had called the samaritans because he knew he had a problem and they actually told him to get a grip!

I think that shocked him to put an end to his stalking behaviour!

mrsboogie Fri 19-Jun-09 15:50:50

Oh mine had a daughter and used to blackmail me emotionally about her - which was why I went round to his flat that time.

He also used to email me at work from an internet cafe using his daughter's email address and pretending to be her telling me how he had met a new woman who was French and very rich and looked like Juliet Binoche and drove a Ferrari (his fantasy woman)

He was a total cocklodger as well - used to steal and borrow money from me all the time and his way of repaying me was to wash the dishes hmm

He taught me one valuable lesson though - always listen to your gut instinct. I sensed there was something not right about him and so I paid attention to what he did instead of ignoring it and dumped him quick smart

treedelivery Fri 19-Jun-09 15:52:02

ooo and one non serious type guy rang me the day before I was off to Aus for a year backpacking, 2 months after we split, to say I was the one and he wanted me to not go and live with him near [[ here]].

Bless him and all that, but what were the odds?

treedelivery Fri 19-Jun-09 15:54:05


No offence intended - I lived nearish here myself, but I wasn't going to dump my flight and my rucksac and my 3 nights in a hostel in Manly, Sydney. Not really.

I sound a right bitch - but it wasn't that type of relationship.

AnarchyAunt Fri 19-Jun-09 16:08:42

I had a 2/3 week fling with a man who got jealous of DD, got the hump when I finished with him over it, phoned me 50+ times a day alternating between threats/pleading/abuse/insults/declarations of love for the next six weeks until I got the police involved and changed my phone number.

He also wrote me endless cards wishing me a happy birthday/mothers day (in january!!) and sent me money hmm

The cards said things like, 'we are soil mates' and 'if you had of got back toggether with me
none of this would of happened' and 'i have neve haseled a womun this much befroe' [pedant]

When I started seeing someone else three months later he threatened them with the immortal words "Oi, have you been shagging my ex" followed by a punch.

He then sent me a final email to say I needed to get over him as it was definitely over now I had been unfaithful (wtf?) and he hoped I could just let it go now.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Fri 19-Jun-09 16:11:04

ROFL @ soilmates grin


AnarchyAunt Fri 19-Jun-09 16:12:55

Oh no don't worry, we roffled too grin

sunfleurs Fri 19-Jun-09 16:13:47

My sister had one who was scared of dogs, she brought him back to the house one night and then went to the bathroom when she came back the bedroom was empty. She knew he had not gone downstairs as medium sized dopey dog was down there, she looked out the bedroom window and he was standing on the pavement on the other side of the road, no t-shirt on etc, he had jumped out of a first floor window because the dog barked.

Another one she started seeing just before she went to Uni. He was fully aware she was going and this could not be serious in any way. He proposed to her the night before she went after a couple of months of dating, when she said "sorry, no I am still going to Uni", he went nuts and smashed all her stuff up and threw it out of the window.

Also had a friend who was really attractive she had this bloke who used to basically sit at the end of his phone and wait for her to ring him for lifts, money, fags from garage etc. We worked together in a bar and she used to work, stay for a drink afterwards till whatever time, sometimes till 4 in the morning, then she would ring him and he would drive us all home (if we were female) dropping her off last. He was like her PA/Chauffeur/Money Lender all in one, only he didn't get paid. He even used to drive her to her dates with other blokes. He said he loved her and she was so beautiful that he just wanted to do things for her and expected nothing more.

And Men say that Women are mad.

NellyNoKnicks Fri 19-Jun-09 16:32:55

A friend of mine went out with a bloke who put spyware on her computer to track her emails, kept going to her house when at work and moving furniture about and the final straw was when she came out of the shower one night to find him hiding behind her wardrobe.... when she spotted him he came out and said that he'd come round to cook dinner for her! hmm

HolyGuacamole Fri 19-Jun-09 19:01:25

On a less serious note, I once dated a guy who worked for the BBC. He took me to a nightclub one night and.......asked the frigging doorman if they did discount for BBC staff blush blush blush [mortified] shock It was only £7 to get in, what was he wanting, £1 off or something?! Dumped him and then he kept calling me.....from his mothers mobile.

Tosser. And a tightwad.

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