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Don't want to upset friend!

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elsmummy Thu 18-Jun-09 18:11:41

So, I let a friend of mine borrow 2 pairs of kids Ski glasses ( cost £12 each ) for her holiday back in March. Haven't seen her much lately but saw her last week and asked if I could have them back as kids need them for summer holiday. She just casually said, "Well one pair is broken and not sure where the other pair is" and walked off. This friend has a dog walking buisness and I aksed her to have my dog overnight as a favour, but when my DP collected our dog she charged him £15!!
Have send a couple of polite texts asking for the glasses back, but still don't have them. I am a bit pissed off that she hasn't returned themm but I don't want to upset her, so do I, put it down to experience and not lend her anything valuable again, or ask for the money if they are lost / broken?
I know this sounds petty but I am just annoyed that she has probably either lost or broken them, and made no attempt to tell me or appologisse, and still charged for looking after the dog!

HolyGuacamole Thu 18-Jun-09 18:14:06

Put it down to experience and don't lend her anything again or ask her to walk your dog either. Can't believe she charge you for that shock

deepinlaundry Thu 18-Jun-09 18:25:06

I wouldn't be able to let it go - simply because she had the cheek to charge you for the dog. Is she long term friend?

elsmummy Thu 18-Jun-09 18:35:38

Iv'e known her for about 4 years and I would say we are pretty close, the trouble is we are going on holiday together at the beginning of August ( Villa in the middle of nowhere) so really don't need to be falling out now! I having trouble letting it go, hence my rant on MN!

JustcallmeDog Thu 18-Jun-09 18:37:02

Message withdrawn

LilRedWG Thu 18-Jun-09 18:37:16

I'd chalk it up to experience and make a mental note to never lend her anything again and also to never ask a dog related favour from her.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Thu 18-Jun-09 18:39:46


Very blase about them being broken and lost. It was a bit off to charge for the dog walking in lieu of the fact the sunglasses situation but she runs a business and probably feels she doesn't want friends to take advantage of her.

I would be too annoyed to go on holiday with her tbh. She has walked all over you imo and will do it again.

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