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inlaws drive me mad

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swedishmum Wed 11-May-05 23:03:44

Maybe I expect too much? Mil obviously spends much time with her daughter (a friend once joked about tripping over the umbilical cord when she saw them in the supermarket) but my kids never seem to get a real look in. It first struck me when dd was in a school play and I got ticket for mil. She didn't turn up, apologising later that her dd was in a panic about holiday clothes and she had to go shopping with her (this was in June for an October holiday to Florida!!). Fil upset ds (8) at dd's 1st birthday by saying he was too chunky (he may be, but not an appropriate time to raise it), ds then ran upstairs crying and locked himself in room. I told fil (politely) he'd been a bit rude, he then threw a wobbly about who was I to speak to him like that and stormed off spoiling dd's party. Sil turned up to said paty 6 hourss late (ie nearly 9pm rather than 3 as invited) without a hint of an apology. Has come to a head again tonight because mil can't babysit as she is helping her daughter plan her party for mid-June.AAAARGH!!!! Has no-one in the family got a life or a brain? It's causing grief between dh and me - he is obviously embarrassed but can't bring himself to tell them where to go! My mum is having chemo so my 4 kids are a bit much, but at least she's more use! What really winds me up is how everyone thinks they are so great and mil is so selfless and helpful.
Long rant over. Feel much better now.

ja9 Wed 11-May-05 23:11:18

Really sorry its like this for you...

i think you should just distance yourself a bit from them and expect nothing - that way anything you get will be a bonus. The last thing you want is to let it be a problem growing between you and ur dh.

sorry for you.

swedishmum Wed 11-May-05 23:20:13

Thanks. I don't care what they think of me, I just hate my kids feeling left out. Unfortunately in the UK where we're going back to in 3 weeks we all live in quite close proximity.

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