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upset and fed up and annoyed : (

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pinkroses Wed 11-May-05 14:02:21

Sorry, just need to rant as I am fed up of shouting at dh and not getting anywhere.

Seems to be one of those days today; kids are loud, dh is lazy. My parents have been on the phone complaining with their problems and I am cheesed off.

I suffer a bit with heart problems and I had an attack last night. I was hit with terrible chest pains and I headed up to bed. You know, my pig of a dh didn't even come and check on me...he was too busy drinking beer!! I also found out yesterday that I am getting my children's book published and he didn't even congratulate me. When I said he should buy me a bottle of champagne, his answer was that he'll get one when I sell a book. Cheeky git!!!

I feel really unloved today, and even burst into tears when I spoke to him before, so he is keeping out of my way now. I must be too emotional for him. I am so sick of him, he really gets on my nerves.

Rant over.

Tortington Wed 11-May-05 14:06:33

awwwww, congrats on the book though!

dyzzidi Wed 11-May-05 14:08:20

Stupid men! Congratulations on the book tell him I will place the first order to buy one so technically he should buy the Champagne now

I hope you are feeling better!

pinkroses Wed 11-May-05 14:15:56

He can be so horrible at times. You think he would be happy about good things happening for me. Think I'm gonna sit here and sulk for a while.

Fio2 Wed 11-May-05 14:24:14

congrats on the book men are just lazy people who dont know their fathers

pinkroses Wed 11-May-05 14:43:14

You know what annoys me more, is the fact that he doesn't think he has done anything wrong. So he is sitting with a strop on now as he reckons I have picked on him!! See if he gets to see Star Wars 3 next week!!!

Fio2 Wed 11-May-05 14:44:49

they act like children

pinkroses Wed 11-May-05 14:46:30

feel like I've got a house full of children today...and noboby is speaking, not even the kids!! Very eerie today. Kids are ignoring each-other as they have just been arguing over a little red chair.

Tortington Wed 11-May-05 16:44:40

with the proceeds from the book you can buy a house with a cellar and shove them all in including you other half.

ok thats my dream and just transfering

sunchowder Wed 11-May-05 16:47:01

Congrats on the book PinkRoses!

noddyholder Wed 11-May-05 17:03:22

well done on the book!He sounds so mean did he know your heart was playing you up?

pinkroses Wed 11-May-05 17:56:21

He never pays much attention to it. When I have to go to the hospital for check-ups, he never comes with me. SUch as sod. It's lucky he is cute...I will seriously think about keeping him in a cellar. My idea was a shed at the bottom of the garden

noddyholder Wed 11-May-05 21:12:17

I have a heart condition too and dp is really good comes with me to appointments etc etc but I'm sure its cos he's bald if he was cute I don't think he'd come either

AnnaInManchester Thu 12-May-05 19:01:59

aww congrats on the book pinkroses! whats it called?

squirrel3 Thu 12-May-05 20:02:02

Yep, what's it called? we could all buy it and make sure its a best seller, I bet its brill, congrats.

Dior Thu 12-May-05 20:03:01

Message withdrawn

pinkroses Thu 12-May-05 20:37:17

Still trying to finalise a name...but it is about little fairies. Waiting to get an opinion off my agent over it tomorrow.

As soon as it is ready to come out, I'll post on here so everyone can buy it. It is so exciting getting my own book published. Even if dh is not that proud...I reckon he is just jealous

haven Thu 12-May-05 22:08:53

you really should take care of yourself!!! if your dh can't be supporting go about your business without his input...negativety will suck the life out of anyone and misery does love company...

believe in yourself!!! and not believe in the nasty words that stem from his lips...


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