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is DH having webcam sex? Please help.

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heck Sat 13-Jun-09 22:34:30

I received an e mail inviting my DH to skype a female. Her message said that she'd met him on an adult sex website (I wont name it) and asked him if he still wanted to cam?

I was in shock to find this.

Confronted DH. He says he knows nothing about it or how this contact happened. He says he's never heard of, or visited the web site and would never have virtual sex, chat etc... or be unfaithful to me.

How can I tell?

Does anyone out there know how these things work and wether it would possible for someone to e mail through a skype forum without him inviting this himself?

Ruthie22 Sat 13-Jun-09 22:48:01

Just to reassure you, it may be nothing at all - i had a similar message on skype recently and I KNOW I haven't been on any of those sites! smile

watsthestory Sat 13-Jun-09 22:51:02

Message withdrawn

TheInvisibleManDidIt Sat 13-Jun-09 22:57:07

Haven't used skype for a while so not sure if this is still relevent.

If the privacy levels aren't set up right then you can get all kinds of messages from just about anyone.

kalo12 Sat 13-Jun-09 22:59:36

why did she email you?

dittany Sat 13-Jun-09 23:00:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

heck Sat 13-Jun-09 23:00:55

Ruthie, did the message use your sykpe user name?

Can you remember the message at all/

Just don't want to go in guns a blazing if this could be innocent.

The message did come onto my inbox, not his.

Thank you, I really need help to sort this.


TrinityRhino Sat 13-Jun-09 23:01:05

yes he can totally be telling the truth
I have had a message like that
its all bollocks

heck Sat 13-Jun-09 23:07:40

Really Rhino? Did it use your skype name? Not just an anonymous advert telling you to visit the site?

Ruthie22 Sat 13-Jun-09 23:10:28

it basically said something along the lines of:

'hi ruthie (skype name) haven't seen you on this website www.somethingrude in a while. Are you still as hot and up for it as you were... get in touch etc etc'

My OH was on there at the time - luckily he realised it was just spam! smile

I really wouldn't worry, especially if your hubby has never given you any other cause for suspicion.

Hope that helps x

heck Sat 13-Jun-09 23:12:40

thank you. Helps loads.

Ruthie22 Sat 13-Jun-09 23:14:44

No probs! Enjoy the rest of your night smile

MadameDefarge Sat 13-Jun-09 23:53:17

Every friday I get texts from lovely single girls in my area promising to show me naughty pics of themselves....

Which would be marvellous if I were a sad single man in need of lady companionship.. But pretty pointless being a loved up gal with a gorgeous DP.

duchesse Sun 14-Jun-09 08:53:15

There are weirdos on Skype who randomly message people. I get messages from weird females every time I fire up. I just delete them. Wouldn't worry about it tbh.

BodenGroupie Mon 15-Jun-09 12:11:21

There's some weird virusy thing doing the rounds at the moment which has got through my firewall and virus checker. Even though popups are blocked I get them, plus lots of webpages opening up at random with DD1's name and photo suggesting she tries all sorts of things!

Gorionine Mon 15-Jun-09 12:13:14

I second Ruthie22!

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