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Rejoice with me!

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bibiboo Wed 11-May-05 09:16:18

MIL is away for a whole week - I cannot tell you how happy and relaxed I am!

sweetmonkey Wed 11-May-05 09:19:51

does she live with you then? sorry dont know yr background but thought as you seemed so happy i would post here.
maybe you could change the locks or move house LOL

bibiboo Wed 11-May-05 13:36:49

No, she doesn't live with us, but it feels that way sometimes! Thank you. I just get a week off from the comments, the nosiness and the interfering.
I've moaned on here about her before, she is a wonderful grnadmother, but a rubbish MIL!

sweetmonkey Wed 11-May-05 13:53:53

oh dear.well make the most of this lovely quiet time you have!!!!

juniperdewdrop Wed 11-May-05 13:55:00

can yo move whilst she's gone

juniperdewdrop Wed 11-May-05 13:55:08


haven Sat 14-May-05 14:48:50

i was soooo happy when we moved away from dh mom...we lived across the street from them and everytime he would get mad at me he would go run over there and tell her all the bad stuff about me...she always hated me...he just made it worth her while...
since we moved our relationship has improved probably about 90%...when we can do stuff together the other 10% will come into play... soooo i totally understand your joy...

MarsLady Sat 14-May-05 14:53:12

Congratulations! Hallelujah! Trumpets, cymbals, big bass drums, tambourines, flutes! Confetti, sparklers, ribbons, flowers!

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