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No Trust, No respect, Constant Digging - What do I do?

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isitreallythattime Wed 10-Jun-09 18:34:36

Been with DP for about 7 yrs. Have 22 month DS. DP is very good with DS and will do anything he can to make everyone happy.

However, he has a bad habbit of fibbing, about small things like smoking, money etc.
The past 2 yrs been tough, cuaght him doing drugs, bringing them into house, going awol after work then rolling in at midnight with no appoligy (as drunk, then recently stayed away for night onbly to come home to him drunk at 7am. It was worse as I was driving home and felt sick as new something would be array. Not been in same bedroom for over a year, not much going on in bedroom, dont see one another much in week.

Asked him to move out as had enough, but he has said he wants to sort issues out. He has said he will do what he can to sort us out.

I am so torn as very unhappy and have been for long time, but worried about effect this will have on DS.

In a dream world everything would be sorted, SP would start to behave like a normal human being no longer lie, drink beyond recognition and start to take responsibility, we can then get marreid and live happiliy every after. However, i dont trust him and have lost my respect for him because of whats happened. Has anyone else dealt with similar siuations? What did you do and how did you come to the decision to do these things??


twinklesky Wed 10-Jun-09 18:40:19

It sounds like he doesn't want to face up to his responsabilities. Sadly, you can't make someone face things that they don't want to. To me, it seems that she is almost regression into a 'teenage rebellion' kind of phase.

What was he like when you first met him?

isitreallythattime Wed 10-Jun-09 18:56:59

We met when we were both young. He was very into clubbing drinking excessivly and the rest. I made it clear I was not going to put up with alot of behaviour, and there was improvements there was alot of trust issues so start with as he was away with work alot out drinking heavily.

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