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why can I never have inlaws u like me ????????

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megandsoph Tue 10-May-05 13:29:24

k now getting a divorce but have been with new DP for 2 yrs. When married all I wanted was Exh parents to like me not nessersary love me just like me as my parents loved him but noooo nothing I ever did was good enough for ex MIL even if we wanted to spend some of our money on things such as a hol or anything we had to talk to her first any way don't have to worry bout her now...

but Am now having the same issue with DP's mum apparently she is pisssed off that DP alsway has to cook clean and look after my kids he looks after them for an hour in the evening while i work and if u can call ordering a frikkin take away cooking tyhen maybe yeah he does that alot but never make meals "real meals" and CLEANING he doesn't even know how to use the washing machine and I don't have a problem with that I like to look after my home and family but for his father to tell on the phone just now that his wife is pissed off with me, has made me so angry. According to FIL DP had told him this. But just confrounted him about it and he is also now angry as I told him I'm leaving if thats the way he feels and is on the phone to his dad.

I just don't understand how my mum and dad can be so loving towards the two long term partners I have had (proberbly coz i only ever want to hear praise about them from my folks) even though they have both had their nasty moments with me.....

sorry this is just a rant and i'm just upset and had no one to talk to at the mo so me puters getting it in the ear

FLUM Tue 10-May-05 13:32:33

Just be polite to inlaws when ever you see them. Don't think about them the rest of the time. They don't need to be a big part of your life.

Very important to stay behave with respect and good manners. Even if you are treated differently. Good behaviour is catching! The PIL will be nicer to you if you are ALWAYS nice to them.

It is the only way IMO.

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