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Feeling very low today, cant cope with kids, OH away for 3 weeks, the list goes on........

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npg1 Tue 09-Jun-09 14:33:04

Hi everyone. Didnt know where to post this but just feel I need someone to talk to. Having a difficult time at the moment. OH studies away all week (he is doing an MBA and finishes in september.) He comes home at the weekends but last saturday just gone he has gone to Beijing for a week, didnt come home last weekend, wont come home this coming weekend so it's going to be nearly 3 weeks since we have seen him.

We also dont know where we be living as might have to move away, we are in Essex at the mo, might be moving to Newcastle as he had his first interview last friday. It's either moving to newcastle or moving abroard.

We have 2 DD's who i just cant seem to enjoy at the mo, they drive me mad and dont get a break. DD1 is at school which is 17 miles away so lots of driving for me.

I get up in the morning and look at myself and think i look tired all the time, I cant seem to get up in the mornings but yet I go to bed late as I enjoy my time on my own in the evenings.

Think I am just tired and fed up and unsure of what will happen in the near future but I just feel I am the only one picking up the pieces at home.

I know there is probably no answers at the moment but just feel I need someone to talk to and feel like im going to burst into tears at any point.

Kayran Tue 09-Jun-09 14:39:36

Just wanted to say Hi. No real answers but do understand some of what you feel. My DH is in the Army and is away a lot and I am on my own with my daughter and also two foster children a lot. I do that thing of getting stuff done in the night and then being shattered for the daytime. Not knowing your exact future plans is incredibly difficult and I hope that as things become more settled you will become a little more happy - although the school run ain't ever going to be fun! wink

motherlovebone Tue 09-Jun-09 22:40:39

Sorry to hear you feel like you are burning out.
hard when you dont get a break isnt it?
i think you probably need some early nights, to help you deal with the daytime role...
i feel pretty much the same (tearful, joyless etc.) if i dont get enough kip.
have you looked at the single parent/forces wives pages?
hopefully be more understanding for you there.

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