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am i over reacting

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wornoutbyarguing Mon 08-Jun-09 13:49:27

i know this probably sounds petty ,but my husband didnt bother to get me an anniversary card for our 7th anniversry today.
i am really fumimg we had a lovely meal out sat and took our kids with us to celebrate and i obviously got him a card and pressie ,but he just said sorry he didnt have chance which is absolute cr*p,
he took dd out shopping other day,manged to vist friends last night but truth is he just didnt bother.
sorry had to get this off my chest

anxmum Mon 08-Jun-09 14:04:26

I think the fact that he took you out for a meal is prob. more important.

I'd rather have a nice meal out than a card if it were an either/or. grin

And you know he knows he should - see what he does next year - maybe you could drop a hint about the fact that you're making or buying an anniversary card in the hope that it'll galvanise him into gettting you one.

We always make cards for each other, but I have a feeling last time we agreed not to bother, but had 3 nights in a swanky hotel so I was happy!

mayorquimby Mon 08-Jun-09 14:20:35

i think you are over reacting, but that's because i don't do cards really, much to the annoyance of my OH.

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