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hopey Sat 07-May-05 06:57:33

Its just typical! I've been on my own just over two years now and am ready to meet someone new. I met my friends brother last month and really took to him. I have now found out from my friend that he is really into me. BUT he has a partner and young daughter. Their relationship is not great but, after my experience, I know thats no excuse to get together with this guy. I'm gutted. I wish he were single. Life's not fair!

Louise1980 Sat 07-May-05 07:13:08

Lifes a bitch and all that! Is that whats called Sod's Law?

hopey Sat 07-May-05 08:27:19

Its bloody typical! Not putting a downer on myself but its just the sort of thing to happen to me. Why are the nice ones always married?

AngelCakeUmm Sat 07-May-05 08:42:01

Think you just answered that because they are nice

CADS Sat 07-May-05 10:23:30

My mom once said to me, "Men are like toilets, they either engaged or full of crap!"

At 16, i didn't realise how true that would turn out to be.

Hope you find someone else nice but single.

Bubblegirl Sat 07-May-05 15:34:01

that's a pity but funnily the way I think of it is, I would feel gutted to know that my dp was telling anyone he was 'really into' someone else no matter how bad our relationship was at the time. Maybe question the loyalty of someone who's willing to put out feelers for someone when he's already commited. What if you finally found someone and fell madly in love, investing all that time and effort and then when the rough patch arrives (it will at some stage) they stray - that's really a poo feeling! I'd say find someone free and all yours so you can fall in love and really enjoy it all.

hopey Sat 07-May-05 18:39:57

That's a good point Bubblegirl. Am just going to have to put it to the back of my mind. Gonna try internet dating. Maybe then I can have some control over who I meet, know they like me and they'll be genuinely single.

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