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So the insomnia anger and anxiety are back. Hello old crap life

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raspberryvodka Sat 23-May-09 02:26:19

I know. There should be a comma. When the feck is this nightmare going to be over? People keep saying to me 'the tunnel is long but there is light at the end of it. You will get there.' But I have run out of torches and batteries and footwear. I am drinking like a battle horse fresh from the desert and smoking like a latin quarter artist stuck in his poky garret. I just want the bastard to die.

solidgoldSneezeLikeApig Sat 23-May-09 02:48:29

<wanders in with barrel of brandy round neck like St Bernard dog (must shave legs)>
Come on girl, you can do it.

PurpleOne Sat 23-May-09 04:01:08

Keep stomping the ground in your holey footwear. Sometime we can all find our places in the darkness.
I know how you feel. Really I do.
Tomorrow is another day.

Thinking of you x

macdoodle Sat 23-May-09 07:27:09

It gets better been there done that drank too much didnt sleep for months!
I can only say it does last night I slept for 9 hours grin though that is probably the first time in 3 years !

oneplusone Sat 23-May-09 10:28:37

What are you angry about? What are you anxious about?

raspberryvodka Sat 23-May-09 11:09:10

Am a name-changer. Just heartily sick of my own thread. Had a good cry this morning. Frustration, exhaustion, anger. I know I have to plod on. I know. I am plodding on but the road is so damn long and littered with bills, lies, deceit, all the fallout. One year nearly over and still it gets this shit.

LeighNic Fri 05-Jun-09 17:11:58

Thinking of you raspberryvodka xx

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