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sallystrawberry Wed 04-May-05 22:38:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

swiperfox Wed 04-May-05 22:46:14

I wish I did! I think its lovely when people are like that.
My Nan and Grandad were like that and i've always wanted to be like them.
I relised the other day that i'll never have a golden wedding anniversary and thought it was quite sad!!

CountessDracula Wed 04-May-05 22:49:24

Dh and I have been together 15 years +

We still speak to each other at least 4 times a day when we are both at work

I get excited about seeing him when he comes home

If I am away on business for a night I feel like I haven't seen him for a week and buy him pressies on the way home

We still celebrate our "shag anniversary" as well as our wedding anniversary

I love him to bits and he still does it for me in every way!

Does that count?

soapbox Wed 04-May-05 22:53:06

Oh yes CD!

I think that definately counts

Made me a bit teary reading Strawbs and your posts Sentimental fool that I am!!

CountessDracula Wed 04-May-05 22:55:59

(before you need the bucket passed to you, I should point out that we argue healthily too!!)

Thomcat Wed 04-May-05 22:57:05

That is so cute, bless, bless, bless. And how lovley for you, that must be so nice to see. My mum has that with my step-father and he leaves her love notes etc still. They are so lovey to watch together.
I don't have quite the same as your ma & pa but I have my lower key version of that yes.

weesaidie Wed 04-May-05 23:07:03

That is so lovely!

Just makes me even more cynical about my new 'relationship!'

CD, you are a very lucky pup! Hopefully I may find something as good as that one day!

Ooh, am misting up!

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