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dp came home @ 4am then called me another name 3 times

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ThePreciousIdiot Sat 30-Apr-05 15:31:26

Not sue how I feel. I am trying to laugh it off as he was v v drunk and could have been an innocent mistake but he had lied about where he'd been. I don't know why he lied as he was only at a mutual friends house.

SenoraPostrophe Sat 30-Apr-05 15:34:53

do you know who the other name belongs to?

Kayleigh Sat 30-Apr-05 15:36:48

sounds a bit suspect to me ? Do you recognise the other name ? why did he say he lied about where he had been ?

ThePreciousIdiot Sat 30-Apr-05 15:39:24

The village bike. Who his best mate is currently having casual sex with. I should probablby mention at this point this girl was friends with my best friend until she slept with my best friends boyfriend.

Could be innocent as they may have all been out together, might not be as I'm not ass friendly with her as my best friend was/is

lou33 Sat 30-Apr-05 15:40:13

Because men turn into arseholes when they have a drink . Are you ok? Silly question really I suppose.

JanH Sat 30-Apr-05 15:40:54

Oh dear, TPI, I'm sorry but your explanation was so Vicky Pollard it made me

JanH Sat 30-Apr-05 15:41:32

Not that the situation is funny

ThePreciousIdiot Sat 30-Apr-05 15:42:58

yeah I'm alright, don't know what to think though. Blew up this morning.

He swore on my life that he'd only been at the pub. He had forotten he'd left his car at mutual friends.

sobernow Sat 30-Apr-05 15:46:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sobernow Sat 30-Apr-05 15:48:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThePreciousIdiot Sat 30-Apr-05 15:48:15

See I know it could be completely innocent. He said something to me but used my name (can't exactly remember what)

and then he said "look, xxxx, I f*cking love you, I love you xxxx"

SenoraPostrophe Sat 30-Apr-05 15:48:24

sobernow - lol at "Brad"!

I once called an employee darling when I was distracted.

Agree that the name thing may be nothing. I would be very annoyed if dh swore on my life about anything though.

ThePreciousIdiot Sat 30-Apr-05 15:49:58

Of course I menat 'used her name'

lou33 Sat 30-Apr-05 15:51:42

lol @brad

ThePreciousIdiot Sat 30-Apr-05 16:15:22

Well he could remember been there last night conversation went

"hi babe"
<me half asleep looks at clock> "Hi, where've you been"
"the pub"
"only the pub? not y's house"
<conv continues, includeing name mistake>
him "blah blah blah y's house"
me "you just told me you hadnn't been there when I asked you out right"
<cut to this morning I go to get milk, pass y's house and dps car on drive>
me "Where were you last night"
him "the pub"
me "are y ou sure"
"nowhere else"
"yes, swear on my life, your life my mums life blah blah - I would never say this if Ididn't mean it"
"Well why is you car at y's?"
"ummm ummm, I must have left it there"
"but you just swore you never went"
<row errupts>

fostermum Sat 30-Apr-05 18:23:16

ummm sounds a bit suss to me

ThePreciousIdiot Sat 30-Apr-05 19:02:13

I dunno what to think [shrug]

ThePreciousIdiot Tue 03-May-05 14:08:57

<sigh> I've caught him out lying to me twice this weekend. Dunno what to think. Sunday night I ended up going throug his pockets to find proof - what have I been reduced to?!! I feel cr@ppy doing that. I also punched him in the ribs twice and I am such a liad back person.

Told him it was over, twice this weekend he's slept on the sofa.

We had promised to take dd out for the day Monday so I said we'd do that but it meant nothing. Had such a lovely day he really treats her like his own - almost forgot about everything all day until we got home and he went out with his mates. Sat stewing until I sent him a text saying he was to come round 'now' not in 5 mins not in half an hour. Thought I'd give him half huor then tell him to drop his key through the door. He came back - I absolutely exploded

Have just had enough!

ThePreciousIdiot Tue 03-May-05 17:31:42

Someone tell me what an arse he is or what an arse I am for not being grateful for everything else.

Sometimes I think it was easier on my own, it was certainly one less thing to worry about.

He's so lovely except for this - maybe I should just ignore it!

lou33 Tue 03-May-05 18:11:14

what were the lies about?

ThePreciousIdiot Tue 03-May-05 19:29:13

The first was y's house (original post) the second was the fact that he had done something white. Had to turn his pockets out once he was asleep to prove to myself I was right.

haven Tue 03-May-05 19:33:14

how long have you been married...?
and does he usually lie?
is he usually this careless when he does lie?

ThePreciousIdiot Tue 03-May-05 19:39:33

Oh we're not married.

I'm not sure about the lying either he lies alot and is good so I only catch him out sometimes OR he lies occassionally and is crap at it so I always catch him out.

I'd lean towards the latter as sometimes I just get this feeling (can't explain it) this is when I always push and consquently prove to him that he's lied to me and he has to confess.

WideWebWitch Tue 03-May-05 20:04:31

Hmm. I don't like the sound of the other woman's name used in the context of 'I love you' especially if his car is on her drive and he's lying about being there. What's your instinct? He's a lying toad or was just pissed and talking crap? Or both?

juniperdewdrop Tue 03-May-05 20:13:55

Sorry don't like the sound of this PI Hope you can be strong and tell him to u know what if he carries on.

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