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cum stain or not? HELP!!!

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sadlilwife Mon 25-Apr-05 22:27:33

i had to use my dh car today because mine was getting cleaned..well make a long story the back seat i found a kitchen towel (lil square on) that seems to have cum stains on it..i am trying really really hard not to freak out..but snot dries together..soooo i know it isn't that...but i don't want to believe that he would do such a thing...please help...i know that when cum dries it is kinda stiff...and yellowish...unless on sheets then it looks me please before i get upset...

nikcola Mon 25-Apr-05 22:28:11

when cum dries its white

colditz Mon 25-Apr-05 22:30:48

Are you suspicious anyway? cos if you had not been suspicious why did you examine the tea towel so closely?

Ask him outright, put the teatowel in front of him and ask "Is that cum?!"

He may have just used it to have a wank!

Dophus Mon 25-Apr-05 22:31:27

Sniff it?!!

nikcola Mon 25-Apr-05 22:33:49

he might of just had a wank

colditz Mon 25-Apr-05 22:34:28



nikcola Mon 25-Apr-05 22:34:47

snifing is a good idea

sadlilwife Mon 25-Apr-05 22:36:20

the towel has been in his car for quite it smells like the car fragrance...i looked so closely because the towel was kinda stiff and my dh does work on the side and he comes home late....sometimes...

nikcola Mon 25-Apr-05 22:36:46

i would just ask him straight out

AngelCakeUmm Mon 25-Apr-05 22:36:53

oh how awful my heart would sink is well, But like others have said maybe he has just had a wank?

I would ask out right and ask him on the spot ..... i would be able to tell by my dp's reaction and answer hope its what you want to hear

rickman Mon 25-Apr-05 22:38:25

Message withdrawn

sadlilwife Mon 25-Apr-05 22:40:40

what is a wank????

my dh wouldn't admit to anything unless i had a smoking gun..or his balls in a pair of vice grips..

he cheated before we got married..i found out about it a year later..and he denied even knowing the girl..i had to talk to her before he finally admitted to it....oh..and he cheated after we were married on night when we were out..he was sooo drunk he was kissing another girl in front of me..i had gone to the bathroom and when i came out he was so sloppy that i took all the money and keys and he had no idea...anyway..he still denies kissing the girl..and i was there...

lilsmum Mon 25-Apr-05 22:40:50

yeh i would ask him too, and watch his reaction closely, if he wont look at you, or gets defensive..he is lying!

surely he wouldnt be stupid enough to leave evidence behind if he had done summat he shouldnt?!?

rickman Mon 25-Apr-05 22:42:13

Message withdrawn

colditz Mon 25-Apr-05 22:43:28

Wanking is jacking off.

ArewebeingHAD Mon 25-Apr-05 22:44:13


ArewebeingHAD Mon 25-Apr-05 22:44:24


Yorkiegirl Mon 25-Apr-05 22:44:38

Message withdrawn

AngelCakeUmm Mon 25-Apr-05 22:46:05

Oh please you must know what wanking is???

rickman Mon 25-Apr-05 22:46:28

Message withdrawn

sadlilwife Mon 25-Apr-05 22:46:34

another time...before we were married when i was washing clothes is under draws were wet so i smelled them..they smelled like soap...and he worked in an office so when he said he got sweaty and needed to clean himself it didn't sound believeable...but he is one of the best lyers i have ever met so i don't know...he can convence you that the sky is green, or that the ocean is full of nothing...he gets defensive anytime i question anything...

AngelCakeUmm Mon 25-Apr-05 22:46:36

I think we are being "had'"

Discoinferno Mon 25-Apr-05 22:47:38

thats it ladies keep feeding him.

AngelCakeUmm Mon 25-Apr-05 22:48:04

In my opinion you are a "sadlilwife"

sadlilwife Mon 25-Apr-05 22:49:43

why would you say you are being had? i am almost thirty and been married almost 6 years....and live in the states....sad lil wife...well...we'll see

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