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Boyfriend trust issues....please help!

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AnnaInManchester Sun 24-Apr-05 11:03:34

Hi all, I have a boyfriend who when i met him, lied to me and sed he was single but I found outhe was in a relationship with a woman and living with her. 3 years later, just now he called me saying hes moved out and is waiting for a room in a loaround? He said wait til I get my stuff sorted. I also asked if he wanted to stay at mine til he got himself a flat at the letting office tomorrow. he said no! is something fishy going on? ucal hotel. I said would he like me to come think hes moved onto living with another woman or do u think he genuinely needs time to mull over whats happened?

MeerkatsUnite Sun 24-Apr-05 11:19:03


Nice boyfriends don't lie about their status, why could he not have been honest in the first place?. His lies caught him out.

Don't waste any of your time on that man (and I use that term advisedly) because all he will do is drag you down. Don't feel sorry for him, cannot understand why offered him a room in the first place. Let him sort himself out and leave him to his own mess.

LIZS Sun 24-Apr-05 11:23:08

Confused - have you been continuing this relationship for 3 years despite knowing he was otherwise committed or has he rung you out of the blue. Either way sounds like a bit of a game on his part to me.

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