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Divorce - need good solicitor recommendations please

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lisalisa Sun 22-Mar-09 21:31:25

Anyone used a good firm in north west london or in greater london please?


GypsyMoth Sun 22-Mar-09 21:32:57

Is Harrow area anygood?

lisalisa Sun 22-Mar-09 21:37:50

Yes it is .

lisalisa Sun 22-Mar-09 22:08:10

bumpity bump

GypsyMoth Sun 22-Mar-09 22:38:37

My sol was blackman van emdens. Think that's how it was spelt! I was in a ministry of defence refuge and we were all referred to them. They were good!

Anglepoise Sun 22-Mar-09 23:04:12

Hanne & Co used to be good for divorce ( but they're SW and I'm writing from the POV of an ex-employee rather than a client

FloraPost Sun 22-Mar-09 23:11:17

I would also recommend Hanne & Co. I used to refer service users to them in my previous job. A very sensitive and dedicated firm.

HappyWoman Mon 23-Mar-09 07:31:37

Even though i didnt go ahead with it I used a top firm in central london.

Find one that you feel really comfortable with.

Here is a tip - a bit sneaky though. Phone up several firms and give them a few of the facts - a good firm will not be able to go ahead until they have checked their conflict of interest status, so if you are on their records your partner will not be able to use them too.
Like i said that is a bit sneaky and if you do this you are probably at the 'angry' stage and probably not such a good time to start the proceedings.

Mine was all for mediation and for not doing anything in haste. Had i gone ahead i think it would have been the best policy.

We do laugh about it now (me and h).

If you want more details then cat me.

lisalisa Mon 23-Mar-09 08:47:32

Happywoman - I can't cat at the momoent. Would you mind telling me name of firm?

also any other recommendations please ?

QuintessentialShadow Mon 23-Mar-09 08:51:47

Russell Cooke is the firm I have used both personally and for business purposes (though not divorce). Very reputable. They handled the McCartney divorce, so I think they have plenty experience. Russell Cooke

lisalisa Mon 23-Mar-09 11:27:47

I have also used them before on employment matters QS but would'nt they be prohibitively expenseiv on divoirce?

Does anyone know please also whether a firm would agree for their costs to be taken out of final matrimonial settlement?

I ask as def not eligible for legal aid but can not afford to pay fees either!!!

lisalisa Mon 23-Mar-09 12:44:31

bumpity bump please

secretsquirrel1 Mon 23-Mar-09 13:08:30

W.H. Matthews, Old St. EC1V 9JR - they have been brilliant so far for me. Worth asking whichever firm you go for if they can do the cost thing (out of final settlement) for you/or give options for payment.

slug Mon 23-Mar-09 13:16:09

Bennet Welch in South East London. Their divorce solicitor has done several of my friend's divorces and they've all been happy with the results. (the fact that he's DD's godfather has nothing at all to do with my recommendation wink )

lisalisa Tue 24-Mar-09 08:38:24

Anyone else please?
I am looking at all the suggestions here and whilst south london ones look great am thinking that need to be a bit more accessible so north /west london based.

lisalisa Tue 24-Mar-09 21:12:29

bumpity bump please

tigger15 Wed 01-Apr-09 23:44:43

Hi I don't know if you've found someone and sorry to see that you need it. This is the profile of one that I know who is a family friend and always seemed to have a very sensible attitude to when it was a good idea to fight or when to advise her clients that they would be better off paying the money they're paying her to their ex-spouse.

A good friend of mine went through this process in another country in the context of domestic violence and has informed me recently that although her first lawyer was good for the initial stage when she needed someone to hold her hand she should have switched to a fighter capable of taking on her ex's rottweiler much sooner. Just other factors to consider.

time4tea Thu 02-Apr-09 12:19:50

Julia Thackray at Bindman and Partners

mumblechum Thu 02-Apr-09 12:23:55

Remember that you don't necessarily have to get a very local solicitor, and that London rates are going to be significantly higher than home county firms' rates.

I practice in Berks but have clients all over the UK and abroad. Apart from a couple of meetings, you should be able to do everything else via email or post.

All good family lawyers are members of resolution. You can do a search on[[]]. Ask if they do a free half hour and maybe try a couple if you don't gel with the first person.

Good luck

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