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Premature ejaculation - help

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comes2quick Fri 20-Feb-09 09:35:09

Have had to namechange blush

DH has this problem but refuses to get help for it. It's causing major problems now because I don't see the point when it's all over in about 30 seconds

Anyone been through this that can help me please??

Ntombi Fri 20-Feb-09 10:18:23

i am in the same boat i just suggested today that he must get Viagra maybe it will help eliminate the problem afterwards. I feel you very frustrating makes you start looking around not good for marriage.

comes2quick Fri 20-Feb-09 14:51:59

I'm not looking elsewhere it's just frustrating that he won't discuss it with me or anyone such as a our doctor and then he has the cheek to moan about our sex life - or lack of. I know I'm not being the understanding wife but what can I do - suggestions please??

gagamama Fri 20-Feb-09 14:57:39

There are loads of treatments for PE now, SSRIs and topical creams can help. If he's embarassed to see his GP, try and see a urologist, this is a huge area in this field nowadays and they won't bat an eyelid.

comes2quick Fri 20-Feb-09 15:01:40

Won't he need a GP referral to see a urologist? Tbh i dont think it matters who it is he's just refusing to admit it is a problem

SexOnFire Fri 20-Feb-09 15:06:56

One thing I've heard but can't verify if it works is for the man to count backwards from 500 during intercourse. Apparently the distraction works to prevent premature ejaculation and zero is blast off time. Hth.

comes2quick Fri 20-Feb-09 15:53:09

Lol sexonfire - at least I haven't lost my sense of humour - yet!
Can't believe so few responses, is this not a common problem? Or maybe like me no-one wants to admit to it or maybe just posted in the wrong place. If I'd put it in AIBU to expect more than 30 seconds might have got some grin

SexOnFire Sat 21-Feb-09 16:56:01

I think you're right about putting it in AIBU for more responses. Whuch is a sad state of affairs.

Another thing which is supposed to help is pressing down at the crucial moment on the bit of the penis which is on the underside and joins the glans to the main thing, iykwim.I thnk it's called the frenulum but I may be wrong.

My DP swears by thinking about "bugs in burritos" to either get rid of an inappropriate erection or to delay proceedings if it's going too fast.

Another thing is holding a finger over the opening to stop ejaculation. Only one third of premature ejaculation issues are physical so it may be worth looking at other techniques for delaying it. Like him spending hours (ok then 20 mins) on you and only bringing his dick in as it were, at the end. Hope you find something that works for you both.

Btw, it didn't occur to me about my name being somewhat inappropriate. It's from the Kings of Leon, not a comment on my sexual prowess grin.

LostHorizon Mon 23-Feb-09 01:01:15

Bloke posting alert

- sounds to me like he's wanking too much on the side. Wanking trains yer old feller to blow off as rapidly as possible. This is the comlete opposite of what blokes are often told incidentally (i.e. to wank a bit on the side so you won't be so gagging for it)

Wearing a johnny can help (desensitises things) as can Viagra - in the sense that immediately, and I do mean immediately, after the wank he'llbe ready to go again and the second time it will take him hours to get there.

Neither really addresses the underlying though, which is why doesn't he care he cums too soon? When I was single, if I came in 30 seconds I wouldn't expect to be invited back in. Same should still apply innit.

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