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Snoring advice please.

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skramble Sat 14-Feb-09 23:06:58

DP (lives out) snores like you wouldn't belive. Its OK when he stays her because we have an agreement that he goes on the sofa if it gets bad, which it always does. But we can't do this forever, I would like him to move in at some point in the future perhaps but this is putting me off, I simply don't get a decent sleep when he stays.

We are going away for a few days so unless he sleeps in the bath there will be no escape.

Those nose strips help a little bit, but not much and sometimes there is no difference at all.


skramble Sat 14-Feb-09 23:34:22


dizzydixies Sat 14-Feb-09 23:36:12

can you make sure you get to sleep before him while you're away?

or get pished?

sorry, not great advice blush

PuddingChops Sat 14-Feb-09 23:50:50

I get supplied with earplugs at work - use them for bed and it helps drown it out!

Monkeygi Sun 15-Feb-09 00:31:23

Does he only snore in certain positions? i.e on his back/front? More pillows/fewer pillows/no pillow at all? Does it seem worse after eating certain foods/drinking? I am a terrible sleeper and sometimes my husband snores. I find a poke in the ribs works well so that he shifts positions.
You can ask your gp too- I think there's some new procedure or something that can be done. Also there are more anti-snoring aids out there other than the nose strips.
My dh very often sleeps on the sofa because of my sleeping problems and I've been known to spend whole holidays awake and fretful. It does help if you can get to sleep first; also you could try some herbal, non-addictive tablets (I use herbal Kalms) which make you more relaxed. It's not the end of the world, if he's happy to do it and understands the problem, to sleep apart. Especially if it keeps you sane! wink

tigerdriver Sun 15-Feb-09 00:52:03


are you married to my husband?

I find sharp jab in the ribs, making him sleep on his side and shouting have a bit of an effect. Best if I can get to sleep first.

Ideally separate rooms, though.

I have threatened to tape his snore but he says I snore so maybe not.

sb6699 Sun 15-Feb-09 01:07:39

I am sitting in the front room downstairs whilst dh is in the front bedroom upstairs and I can still hear him!

He seems to be worse when he's really tired (was up for work at 3.45am this morning and didn't get home till after 5.

Haven't found anything that helps so let us all know if you discover some magic cure.

Is there anyone on here who knows anything about herbal medicine - was wondering if there's anything along these lines that would help.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 15-Feb-09 08:12:39

Sleeping on the sofa will end up giving him back problems. Sofas are not designed for sleeping on.

Would pack him off to his GP (go with him as well) to see if there is a medical reason for his loud snoring. More often than not there is. He could have enlarged tonsils, these can cause such problems. Sleep apnoea as well should be looked for too. Both can and do cause loud snoring. His sleep is also being affected by the snoring.

skramble Sun 15-Feb-09 09:06:45

My sofa is designed to sleep on so, I am not too worried about his back.

He snores in every position, even snores very deep and loud when sitting up. I do jab him and shout at him a lot, but got so pissed off the other night I even shouted my exs name blush by mistake, I was half asleep.

I will take my ear plugs and get pissed for this break I think.

He keeps saying he will go to the doctor, I will insist he goes as soon as we get back.

Either that or we wil have to earn more so we can afford a house with an extra room.

Oh well.

Monkeygi Sun 15-Feb-09 11:39:59

I live in hope that one day we can have a house with an extra room! grin. I saw a special anti-snore pillow while we were out today- I don't know if this might help, although if he snores in every position it probably won't...
It does sound like a trip to the gp is in order though.

Linwin Sun 15-Feb-09 13:30:20

You poor thing. I have same from my DH

I wear earplugs every night which makes a big difference.

Also, I find he snores less when he is fit and does lots of exercise, as soon as he starts to let himself go, the snoring starts up again.

Failing all else send him to a sleep clinic

themoon66 Sun 15-Feb-09 13:41:40

Just reading this thread is making my teeth itchy with irritation.

My DH snores for England, but denies it. I often record him on my mobile phone, but it only takes 1 min of recording and he can hold his breath for nearly that long before letting rip with something akin to machine gun firing off angry

I find Tesco own brand sleeping tablets keep me out cold through the general snoriness of him, but the sudden snorts are enough to waken the dead.

rookiemater Sun 15-Feb-09 13:44:45

wax earplugs

KerryMumbles Sun 15-Feb-09 13:45:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

themoon66 Sun 15-Feb-09 13:46:49

Kerry... I have tried to smother him, but he tends to wake up and fight me off... and he's much stronger than me when he's cross grin

KerryMumbles Sun 15-Feb-09 13:47:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

themoon66 Sun 15-Feb-09 13:53:05

<<makes mental note to remember to take poker up to bed tonight>>

ReginaFalangi Sun 15-Feb-09 14:48:30

I also get the "I will go and see a doctor" speech, but it just doesn't happen.

And then he wonders why am pissed off with him during the day!! That's because I am more sleep-deprived than if I had a newborn!


solidgoldbullet4myvalentine Sun 15-Feb-09 14:51:27

I am a dreadful snorer blush Have woken up after many an everyone-crash-on-the-floor party to a ring of accusing little faces and the information that no one else got any sleep...
Is your DP a bit of a fatty? Because that can make snoring worse, especially if he likes a drink or two.

donnie Sun 15-Feb-09 14:59:40

my dh snores like a bastard. However, having bought some effective products from it has really improved.! try it .

The snore calm chin up strips are what he uses - they work.

thederkinsdame Sun 15-Feb-09 22:17:54

MY DH snores like you would not believe. he went and got a mouth guard made to measure by a dentist (T'was not cheap, mind) but we decided it was cheaper than a divorce wink I hesitate to say it, but he has got worse since he put on weight and sometimes snores with mouthguard. But it does mean I can get some sleep now... HTH

newmumtobe84 Sun 15-Feb-09 23:03:31

Arghhh, feel tears of frustration welling up in my eyes as I read. My DH snores like a trooper in ALL positions. I'm not a good sleeper anyway and wake a lot during the night. After ther 8th or 9th jab/poke/attack angry from me it always ends with him saying he's going to sleep on the sofa and me telling him not to (don't like sleeping separately, even tho could happily kill him by that stage) hmm. We have resorted to Breathe Easy nose strips which help (although quite expensive, about £15 for a months supply). I also have ear plugs in case he runs out, which also work.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 16-Feb-09 03:46:03

I'm currently on the PC in the spare room listening to DH snoring away. I had got to sleep but then DS (6.5 mo) woke up for a feed and I've been awake for nearly 3 hours now. Doesn't help that DS has a snuffle at the moment and is doing his best to snore just like his Daddy.

Numberfour Mon 16-Feb-09 07:21:11

i have been awake since frigging 4am because of (D)H snoring.

i wear ear plugs AND sleep with a pillow over my head.

he refuses to lose weight (we have both put on lots and lots sad) and refuses to wear those nose strips.

i am so so so so tired........

elmoandella Mon 16-Feb-09 07:55:09

ear plugs for you

diet for dp(overweight leads to snoring)

sleeping tablets for you for holiday

poker and shovel for dp head

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