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Valentines Day

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picnictable Sat 14-Feb-09 11:08:27

Ive always considered Valentines Day to be a waste of money etc but this year i am genuinely saddened that I have NEVER received a Valentines card. shock I am married and dh again will not buy one. I wonder whether my views are formed by the fact that I wont get one anyway?

SquidgyBrain Sat 14-Feb-09 11:14:57

Well I bought DH a lovely card, baked some heart shaped biscuits for him, going for low key, and what did I get - nothing. Now I am slightly to blame for this as I told him not to go into the shop to buy flowers last night as we are both unwell and I needed him home. However he had to nip out this morning, so I kind of expected a card to be brought home - instead I got all the cards in town are rubbish.......

MotherFlippin Sat 14-Feb-09 11:20:49

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Sat 14-Feb-09 11:22:04

i wouldnt have married a man who didnt buy valentines cards

call me shallow bu i think it says a lot about a person

prettyfly1 Sat 14-Feb-09 13:25:19

ah. my dh got a card, wrote a lovely message in it bought chocolates and flowers and bought me breakfast in bed, followed by a great deal of naughty stuff. HOWEVER. Until recently I had never ever had a card. I called my girlfriends, arranged a sex in the city type night of alchohol and crap food and we had a great time every year!!!! Valentines day is just another day of the year. Mainly created by ad agencies. It doesnt mean anything. Some men do it, some really dont. Is he romantic or considerate in other ways??

boogiewoogie Sat 14-Feb-09 15:15:55

We don't buy them. We make them, so much nicer and more personal and shows that we've made an effort. Plus if you think that Valentine's is a waste of money then you can't complain about not buying a card! Perhaps he has a surprise for you later on?

cashmeremafia Sat 14-Feb-09 15:21:52

I think VDay is an invention by the flower and choccy industry to sell more stuff between Xmas and Easter. It's the most shallow day of the year. If your friend/spouse means so much to you, why don't you just court them on any day of the month or shock a few times a year, why only on ONE day? It's like Mother's day, only tackier. If you love your other half it's bloody sad you'd need a special day to bring that home to you.

No offence to all thos waiting for a card, but it's really not that important. Get hubs to run you a nice hot bath or bring the kids to bed for you so you can chill on the sofa with your feet up...says so much more than one card a year.

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