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Monogamy. Polygamy.

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kama Sat 09-Apr-05 02:24:46

Message withdrawn

Tortington Sat 09-Apr-05 02:34:22

so its basically asking permission? whats the point in getting married then?

suzywong Sat 09-Apr-05 02:40:25

I think, and you did ask, that whatever works for that particular couple to stay married is a good thing; Hollywood ergo Americans need an example of a marriage sticking and a black male family man role model. So if they can keep married then that's a good thing, whatever the small print

kama Sat 09-Apr-05 02:48:04

Message withdrawn

suzywong Sat 09-Apr-05 08:01:23

well let me ask you why polygamy is in the title of this thread, can't see where Will Smith comes in to that

My definition is pretty much the same as the next person, I'm looking at this particualr relationship you sited and I think that if they can stay married then that's the most important thing

happymerryberries Sat 09-Apr-05 08:08:31

Will Smith has since distanced himeslf from the comment and has said that it basicaly reflected the fact that their relationship was based on total honesty. He says that what he meant was that if he felt he wanted to have sex with another woman that he would discuss it with his wife. Not that he expected this to happen, but felt that if he did have that urge it would mean that there was a probelm in the relationship that they needed to discuss. ( in an interview on radio 2)

regarding the minogamy/ polygamy thing I believe that if you marry and promice to stay failthful to one person you should do that. Otherwise don't get married and have multiple partners. No-one make yo get married nowerdays, but why promice on e thing and then go off and do something totaly different?

triceratops Sat 09-Apr-05 08:59:08

It sounds to me like he was a bit afraid of the commitment and wanted to leave a get out clause. What is the betting that if his wife did ask for a one night pass he would completely freak? My dh tried this one when we first started living together saying that if he ever did he would tell me first but that it would only be sex and he loved only me. To which I thought - grow up!

My dh is in the odd position that both his parents and grandparents were actualy as polygamous as it is legal to be in this country. They had a house with four people in it two of whom were married and bedroom arrangments flexible. They all seemed to get along just fine so it worked for them. I did explain that that was not going to be an option in our marriage .

triceratops Sat 09-Apr-05 09:00:07

two separate houses four people each I mean.

KristinaM Sat 09-Apr-05 09:03:16

Just to be far as I know, polygamy is NOT having affairs ie I need to go out and have sex with someone. Its a man being "married" to more than one wife at a time

suzywong Sat 09-Apr-05 09:07:10

glad you claryfied that triceratops..... was begining to feel a bit yurrrghhh then

kama Sat 09-Apr-05 12:59:04

Message withdrawn

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