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Not sure how or if to start talking to my sister again.

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Fleurlechaunte Wed 04-Feb-09 20:27:22

My sister has behaved pretty badly towards me over the years over financial issues. She borrowed quite large sums of money from me and never paid it back, lying about her financial situation so she wouldn't have to.

My ds was diagnosed with autism last year and when I told her she immediately moved the subject onto money and how skint they were, I think she was scared that I was going to ask for the money back because something difficult was going on for my family hmm. That is just an example to let you know how her mind works. It really hurt me because it was such a big thing for us but all she thought about was how it might affect her financially.

She is rather selfish and opinionated and very disloyal.

However a few years ago she had cervical cancer and a full hysterectomy and having been reading about Jade Goody today I felt really sad and a bit scared at how long my sister and I have gone without talking and want to try to renew some kind of relationship with her.

My thoughts are though, that I know she will not change and I feel that I will end up being crapped on again. Do you just put things like that aside though, because life is too short? Would you? Just feeling a bit sad and confused about it all. I don't really want to be talking to her as I find her attitudes so irritating but I feel very sad at the lack of communication between us.

MaryBSnowing Wed 04-Feb-09 23:06:49

Honestly? I think you will get crapped on again.

newlysinglemummy Wed 04-Feb-09 23:10:51

cant you just be in contact with her but not get too close to her? I am like this with my mum. I dont expect anything from her and I will not give her anything either but I speak to her and see her whenever she is free. But I just know if something bad happened to her I would feel terrible if we were not on speaking terms.

If you keep her at a distance she cannot crap on you as you wont let her...

choosyfloosy Wed 04-Feb-09 23:21:19

You could write to her - would she go for that? Trouble is it's so unusual these days that it might look a bit odd.

Fleurlechaunte Thu 05-Feb-09 16:24:21

Thanks for replies. good advice newlysinglemummy. I can do that. Think I might just send her an email. It is my ds's birthday this week though so I will delay until a couple of weeks time so she doesn't think I am after a present for him grin.

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