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fight with dh

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pinkroses Thu 07-Apr-05 02:42:57

Me and dh have not been getting along fab lately...think we are on verge of splitting, but last night we got into a terrible arguement that turned into a fight...mostly on my parthe was gonna leave and was saying horrid stuff and I flipped. He didn't hit me, but I do have fingermark bruises on my arm where he has grabbed it.

Thing is he wants to work things out but I feel it has gone too far...he looked at me as if he hated me when I hit him and I can't get that look out of my head. He tried being all loving tonight, he run me a bubble bath and tried kising me in bed, but I still can't get this look out of my head.

How do I get past this?? I am so upset. I never believed things would turn this way

Elf1981 Thu 07-Apr-05 07:25:55

How long have you been married?
How long have you been fighting for?
Violence is never a good thing in a relationship, but was the grabbing of your arm an automatic response to you hitting him?
Its hard to comment, without knowing the full story, but if you both love one another, and want this to work out, perhaps you could try seeing a marraige guidance person?

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