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i HATE dp :(

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starlover Wed 06-Apr-05 09:37:19

I am so cross/upset this morning.
A few days ago an old work friend got in touch with me, I haven't seen her in over 18 months.
WE made vague arrangements to meet up.

Last night I asked DP if I could have the car today as I wanted to go over and visit said friend.

He had to be at work at 8.30 today. At 8 he still hadn't got up.... ignored 2 alarms and me yelling at him to get out of bed.
By quarter past he was finally up and dressed... but lo and behold, it's too late for him to cycle to work, so he takes the car.

He is going up to Woking today and his boss is driving them both, so I asked if he could drop the car off back here on the way.
"I'll see what I can do"

No car.

I am so angry! The one day of the week when I really needed the car and he just doesn't give a shit.
I sent him a text and all he replied was "sorry, i just didn't realise"

realise what??????? I HATE him. he's made me cry and he just doesn't even care. He doesn't care because he isn't the one stuck here all day every day with a baby... he doesn't know how exciting it was for me to think I would actually go out and have some intelligent conversation with someone.

I am so angry too, because he isn't even using the car today! It's just sat at his office which I can't get to

rickman Wed 06-Apr-05 09:39:39

Message withdrawn

wild Wed 06-Apr-05 09:40:19

get a cab to office and take car from there?

Fio2 Wed 06-Apr-05 09:40:27

can you get a taxi? or bus? or train?

wild Wed 06-Apr-05 09:40:40

x-posted rickman!

rickman Wed 06-Apr-05 09:40:44

Message withdrawn

Fio2 Wed 06-Apr-05 09:40:51


fastasleep Wed 06-Apr-05 09:41:17

I would just get a cab the whole way to your friends and back and then make him pay! Mwahaha!

starlover Wed 06-Apr-05 09:41:27

no, he has the car seat in the car. so can't get ds there

wild Wed 06-Apr-05 09:44:35

I have taken ds on lap for short taxi journey before. Or bus. You could then transfer to car with seat. Sounds like you need to get out today ..

rickman Wed 06-Apr-05 09:44:56

Message withdrawn

rickman Wed 06-Apr-05 09:47:28

Message withdrawn

Bozza Wed 06-Apr-05 09:47:53

Its not on starlover. He's showing a real lack of consideration for you and you need to make him realise that tonight.

On a practical note - if you need the car another time could you drop him off at work?

starlover Wed 06-Apr-05 09:49:56

don't have any friends with babies! so no go on the car seat.

Now I feel like I am making excuses.

I could actually walk down to his office, 30 mins
There is a bus stop outside, but not sure where it goes as we haven't lived here long!

starlover Wed 06-Apr-05 09:51:00

I am not as cross as I was... now thinking about revenge. Will get dressed (didn't bother earlier as thought i'd be stuck here!)
will go and get car. and will make him fu&*ing walk home tonight

starlover Wed 06-Apr-05 09:51:52

Bozza.. yes, I do often drop him off at work. But didn't get up and dressed quick enough this morning as I thought he was leaving the car here!

I guess the moral of the story is
never trust a man

Bozza Wed 06-Apr-05 09:52:53

Thats more like it starlover. Its hardly revenge - he's making you walk to get the car and you're making him walk home. Good plan. And enjoy your time with your friend.

rickman Wed 06-Apr-05 09:53:46

Message withdrawn

starlover Wed 06-Apr-05 09:53:50

Only prob now is I have to carry ds, as the pram is in the back of the car! argh!

rickman Wed 06-Apr-05 09:54:42

Message withdrawn

starlover Wed 06-Apr-05 09:55:32

rickman he is AWFUL at getting up. And it's inevitably my fault for not telling him the time!
Not that I pay any attention. I tell him he's old enough to get up when the bloody alarm goes off... just I am the one who suffers on days like this!

Lately I feel like i do nothing but nag him, and I don't know which of us is being unreasonable!

rickman Wed 06-Apr-05 09:59:14

Message withdrawn

Bozza Wed 06-Apr-05 10:00:57

WHAT??? He's not only taken the car but the pram? I would be spitting feathers.

sobernow Wed 06-Apr-05 10:04:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

starlover Wed 06-Apr-05 17:37:51

oooh rickman you were stalking me on that pets thread earlier!

rang my friend, and decided to wait until after lunch. So had a bit more time to get myself up together and give ds his next feed before we went out.

DP has been ringing all day and I have been ignoring it.
We had a lovely afternoon at my friend's house.. she lives on a national trust property where I used to work, so it was very nice even though it was a bit cold and rainy!

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