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age gap relationships

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scottishmumto1 Mon 04-Apr-05 21:54:13

hi , anyone else have one of these relationships.
i am 25 and my dh is 44. i have always went for older men. they are just nicer, or the ones i have been with.

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 04-Apr-05 21:56:17

I'm 22 and my Dh will be 32 on Saturday.

I have always had relationships with older men. I've never been out with anyone my own age.

kama Mon 04-Apr-05 21:59:14

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Mon 04-Apr-05 21:59:18

I am 26 and dp is 47.

Janna Mon 04-Apr-05 22:25:03

my exp new girl friend was 16 and he was 27 when they met a year ago. In fact she split our family up. Bit of a sore point for me!!

I'm sorry I don't think that an age gap like that is healthy when a girl is that young. Apart from that I haven't got a problem with it. My dad is 9 years older than my mum

trinityrocks Tue 05-Apr-05 08:33:11

I agree with Janna that thwere is a younger age that is maybe not so suitable but I am 27 and hubby is 45.
We met when I was 21, at the time the guys I was meeting that were my age were sooooooooo drippy and immature , I always have gone for older

sweetmonkey Tue 05-Apr-05 08:40:05

im 23 and my man will be 49 in july.always gone for older men

morningpaper Tue 05-Apr-05 08:55:21

Was 14 and 27 when I started seeing my first husband.

DP now is 10 years older than me. I've always gone for the older chap but I do find it causes problems with our social life - all his friends think I am young and skittish and they sit around discussing the miner's strike, and all my friends can't believe my ancient boyfriend goes on golfing holidays. In general I think he finds a lot of my friends immature and self-obsessed! I think there is quite a bit culture gap.

sweetmonkey Tue 05-Apr-05 08:59:19

MP know what you mean about golfing holidays.LOL
i get on fairly well with his friends although hes never been out with me and my mates as i worry he'll find them immature,

starshaker Tue 05-Apr-05 08:59:36

i had always gone for older men i wouldnt even consider some1 my own age but i kept getting hurt so i thought well ill just see what a guy my age is like we have been together for over a year living together with a baby on the way. i feel he is more my equal and i dont try and please him all the time i feel like i can have an opinion

Toothache Tue 05-Apr-05 09:41:23

Not that much of a gap, but I was 21 when I met DH and he was 27. Seemed like he was SOOOOOOO grown up! Little did I know eh??

I'm 27 now and he's 33.

biglips Tue 05-Apr-05 09:44:19

years ago when i was 22, i was seeing a 45 yrs old man but only was seeing him for 6 months as i felt like i was his age and he was my age as he was very immature... but i never got any "older" experience with him though ... but we did had loads of things in common but the funniest thing was he was older than my parents !!!!!

swiperfox Tue 05-Apr-05 09:47:17

Have always gone for older too - my first relationship I was just turned 17 and he was 26. Back then the age gap seemed huge and I always felt a bit 'guilty'. However we were together 6 years and the older I got the less shocking it sounded!!

dp I'm with now is 40 and I'm 27 so there's even more of a gap!! We get on really well though (for the age gap - in general we fight like cat and dog!!) and love all the same things so it works well.

I couldn't inmagine being with someone my own age!!

expatinscotland Tue 05-Apr-05 09:50:51

I used to go for older men. Until I reached my 30s and found ones over 40 either boring or trying to act like they were 25. When I was 31 I went out w/a man who was 39 and he was like Victor Mildrew. So after him I decided to try a younger man for once. I am now blissfully married to a man 6.5 years my junior.

Beetroot Tue 05-Apr-05 09:53:51

Message withdrawn

swiperfox Tue 05-Apr-05 09:56:07

I was thinking the same thing Beetroot!!

My Dad left when I was about 6 and I've always liked older men in the sense that I forever had crushes on teachers etc and always wondered if it was me sub-conciously looking for that role model/father figure.

sweetmonkey Tue 05-Apr-05 09:57:15

ive known my man for about 11 years,and we were best friends for years before coming a couple. we went a couple of years without seeing each other nd when we met up it was like we'd never been apart.strange but nice. dont have that much in common, but he has his life nd i have mine so we do things we enjoy separatley so when we are together we can enjoy just the 2 of us

starshaker Tue 05-Apr-05 10:01:59

yeah my dad left when i was 4 and sometimes i think thats why i went for older men i thought i would get security from then

Leogaela Tue 05-Apr-05 14:06:28

I am 33 and dh is 46! MAybe other people think he is old for me he is absolutely perfect! We have just had our first baby! I didn't go for older men in the past, just needed someone who could think for himself and look after himself, he was the first man I found that was capable of both! And he is definitely not boring or trying to act as if he is 25 Expatinscotland!

Beetroot - I had a funny situation with my dad, but dh is definitely not a father figure. he doesn't seem to be older at all. I think it is more to do with ex-dh being incredibly dependant on me, possesive and not letting me be my own person (he is 2 years older). dh is just fantastic!

The golf thing.... he convinces me its challenging and interesting, he also plays ice hockey, mountain bikes, skiis....

In contrast my older sister (37) has a 22 year old boyfriend! She has a 15 year old daughter and to me it just looks as though she has 2 children.

ragtaggle Tue 05-Apr-05 14:27:42

morningpaper - you were 14 when you met your first husband and he was 27? Am I the only person to find that a bit disturbing. Not on your side but on his .....

kama Tue 05-Apr-05 14:42:45

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Tue 05-Apr-05 14:45:10

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Tue 05-Apr-05 14:46:10

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Tue 05-Apr-05 14:47:50

I don't think I was looking for a father figure cos i had been living with just my dad for about 6 years before i met dp.

I think our age gap is much too big and would never ever have such a gap again. For me 10 years older would be the limit.

He just acts too much like my dad, moaning at what i wear, where i go etc etc, and fun, well he doesn't know the meaning of the word.

NomDePlume Tue 05-Apr-05 14:50:05

I'm 23 tomorrow and DH is 36. I've always preferred older partners, mainly because blokes my own age are just not looking for the same things as I am. The majority of blokes under 26 just behave like 15 year olds !

TBH, the age gap of almost 14 years makes very little difference to us as a couple - we have the same interests, likes/dislikes and a similar level of intellect. Our politics differ - he doesn't like my socialist attitude and wishes I'd wake up and smell the coffee in the blue cup . But TBH, our differing politics aren't enough to drive a wedge, after all it's not like I'm living with Pol Pot or anything !

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