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Boyfriend keeps goin on chatrooms!!!!

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mummyof2 Sun 03-Apr-05 12:55:33

I have recently discovered that my BF keeps goin on chatrooms.When i came home the other day i logged on and own to see somethin and found out he had been on 3 different chat rooms.I told him it made me feel uncomfortable he even admitted he only likes talking to women as men might get the wrong idea! Am i being too paranoid.To top it off there was an email from a girl saying good to hear from him so i butted in asking her where she got email address from she said from BF on a chat room site we had a big row he denied talkin to girl, this is really bugging me what should i do?

pinkroses Sun 03-Apr-05 16:20:36

I dated a chap a few years ago who was obsessed with chat rooms. He used to sit up all night on them. I thought at the time it was a harmless habit, but I discovered one day that he had met a girl and met her....whilst still dating me.

His answer to this was that we were not serious-we had been dating a few months!!!

I personally would say it is smething to be bothered about...especially if he has contacted a specific person.

mummyof2 Sun 03-Apr-05 16:36:29

Iam bothered about it but i cant stop doing it when he is at work.I have been with him 8 years and 2 children together! What can i do?

expatinscotland Sun 03-Apr-05 16:38:50

Calmly explain your concerns to his employer. Ask if they can put a chatroom block on his workstation. Or if he has a cool work colleague, get them to tell him his employer is watching his 'net usage.

Block access to them from your home PC.

Like pinkroses, I dated a chap like that as well. He was a liar thru and thru.

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