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Another blasted Mother in law situation

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collision Sat 02-Apr-05 19:51:26

Have just been informed by DH that evil MIL is coming to Italy to recuperate from depression.

To give a little history....she despises most people and has 'chosen to only have a few friends and there is no way she and I can ever be friends.' This crucifies me as I dont like to be disliked. I dont take it as personally now as I realise there is no point and she is like this with everyone.

She only met ds1 when he was 8 months old and hasnt even bothered with ds2 who is 19 weeks. She doesnt really have a relationship with DH and he never really talks about her.

He has just informed me that she hasnt worked for a month as she has depression and she is coming to Italy to try and get better. She is Italian and lives in Amsterdam and will be staying with Dh's brother...(poor thing!!)

We have heard she will be coming over to see us and I dont really know how to handle it. I am terrified of her and the thought of her on a good day is enought to send me into spasm never mind her with depression. She doesnt ever speak to me and I could really do without it. Selfish, I know.

Dont expect any replies.....just needed to tell you after a gin and tonic and 2 glasses of red wine!!

ScummyMummy Sat 02-Apr-05 20:01:31

Oh yuk. She sounds like a right charmer. I think you should ignore her right back frankly. What a rude harridan she does sound.

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