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lilybird Thu 31-Mar-05 12:53:42

dd has never been a good sleeper, but for the last weeks beofre the clocks went forward she was sleeping through from 8pm to 5/5.30am.
when the clocks first changed she slept from 9 to 6.30am.
just as i thought i had a life again, she has started to wake up at 4.30/4.45am?????
managed to give her a drink of milk and got into bed with her and she slept til 6.30am
how can i get her back to goign to sleep at at normal hour and waking at a reasonable hour??

Maddison Thu 31-Mar-05 19:34:16

Hi lilybird, sorry got no advice but will keep an eye on this one for any tips

hunkermunker Thu 31-Mar-05 19:35:46

How's the rest of her day? Is she napping at her 'old' times? How old is she?

Nemo1977 Thu 31-Mar-05 19:48:56

lily i find that when ds goes to bed later he sleeps less for some reason. So when the clocks went forward i have still been putitng him to bed at 7.30pm even tho at first it was 6.30 but hes still sleeping till 6.30am next day so sleeping exactly the same. Dont know if this will help at all but it seems to have done for ds

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