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men...are they touchy feely?

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pinkroses Mon 28-Mar-05 05:39:36

Hi. Strange question but are men ever touvhy feely like women???

My dh and I have just met a new couple and they are a bit older than us, but nothing really. Now, the man is always touching my arm or hand and seems a little over the top. So I was wondering whether he is being a bit flirty or is this normal. I have never seen a man act this way, but I didn't want to condemn him as I have only really met him twice.

sahara Mon 28-Mar-05 09:58:10

Wow your up early pinkroses.
Is this bloke from Europe or North africa, because men over there are touchy feely. They are much more friendly and really don't know about invading anothers personal space.
Other blokes are stiff and are not touchy feely. They know the score.
I only say this because I've pretty much made the same mistake and took the touching really personally.
I mean over there and in many other places men walk down the road holding hands with each other and it's seen as normal.
So where is possible groper from?

pinkroses Mon 28-Mar-05 15:51:27

He is from the UK. He is an aquaintance of my husband. I mentioned it to dh about his touching, but he thought everything was fine...he never sees anything.

Not sure how to handle this situation as my dh is becoming friends with him and is trying to get us to go out with them...but I feel uncomfortable around him. Do you think it is me being too judgemental or is he crossing a line?

JanH Mon 28-Mar-05 16:08:09

Some men can be touchy-feely, pinkroses - I would give him a bit more time and see if his touching stays at the same level - if so it's just the way he is. If you get the impression he is really coming on to you then you could back off.

(We used to be friendly with a couple where the husband was like this - really nice bloke, great company, good with kids - but he often worked away from home and ended up having affairs and getting divorced, which was sad. It seemed as if his touchy-feelyness meant he had to be with somebody all the time.)

lou33 Mon 28-Mar-05 18:01:00

i would say that if the touchy feelyness is making you feel uncomfortable then he is going too far for you.

moondog Mon 28-Mar-05 18:07:05

Are you worried that he is trying to involve you in some wild group action pinkroses??!!Lol!!
Sorry, joking aside, if you don't like it, then that's the only real issue. If you like him apart from this, you'll just have to work at keeping him at arm's length. he should get the message.

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