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Another weird mother/MIL story

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KristinaM Mon 28-Mar-05 00:11:29

My mother arrived, unannounced and uninvited, at out house this week. Her specialty is arriving at 3.30pm as I bring the children home from school when I have about half an hour to get them changed and fed a snack before dashing out to one of their various after school activities.

She made a big show of giving a “present” to my 5yo DD. This turns out to be a white school shirt. Except its absolutely huge – I guess a ladies size 16. When I point out that it’s a little too big for DD (who wears aged 3-4 clothes), she replies

“ Your sister has to buy a uniform shirt for Boys Brigade [she’s an officer] but she doesn’t like the quality – it’s a cheap fabric. So she bought a nice one from M&S, unpicked the badge from the unform shirt and sewed on the other one. But its seems a shame to throw out a perfcctly good shirt so I thought you could keep it for [DD name]”.

hunkermunker Mon 28-Mar-05 00:19:32

Wow! Can you return the 'compliment' by giving her some old knickers or something?

KristinaM Mon 28-Mar-05 00:28:00

That's a good idea.
"These old knichers have stretched in the wash after only 10 years and it seems a shame to throw them out - I thought they would fit you "
[evil emoticon]

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Mon 28-Mar-05 00:28:22


KristinaM Mon 28-Mar-05 00:35:54

Oh I didn't realise that you KNEW my mother, Marslady

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Mon 28-Mar-05 00:36:59

she reminds me of DH's mother who, thankfully, has moved away and hates me so much that I haven't seen her for 5 beautiful years!

bobbybob Mon 28-Mar-05 08:30:53

When ds was born we got some 2-4 year old underpants from someone - I bet there was a similar story there.

Use for dusters or put it on EBAY.

Tommy Mon 28-Mar-05 08:56:06

My Mum has done this twice. While shopping in town... I saw these trousers so I bought them for DS1..."
Me: Oh thanks, Mum - errr...they're a bit big for him aren't they? (like 2 years older!)
Mum: He'll grow into them.
Me: Mmmmm...did you buy any for DS2?
Mum: No! (looking surprised that perhaps she should have thought of it)

I think it's somethings about Mums and MILs - we'll all be liek that in 20 years time

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