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RE: other thread-how to get out of an emotional affair??

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ukrainianmum Wed 24-Dec-08 12:05:59

I have been in one for many years now. Before it was just sex, last summer it went out of hands...
Hard to realise that I never loved my dh as I love this OM.

My head tell me that there is nothing good. I ended it all up last Wed, but why the hell it hurts so much now??? I cry myself to sleep every night and seems like I cannot go on like this any more...

Any advice on how to get out of this???
I am studying now, devote all my time to that. I have dd, she is my ray of sunshine...
But life seems like ending for me.

what to do?? I only wanted to love and be loved back...

brazenhussy Wed 24-Dec-08 14:34:40

ukrainianmum - I am so sorry you are going through this <<<hugs>>>
I finished it with my OM (married) a few days ago and cannot see any way forward. Can't eat or sleep and feel I have nothing left to live for, which is so selfish of me as I have 4 DC.

I don't really have any advice except to say that you need to put it out of your mind (as much as is possible) and get over the next few days as well as you can.

In time we will move on (I hope) and love again.

I too never loved my DH the way I loved OM so can sympathise with you there.

You are possibly missing the fact that you had 'someone' rather than this man who you know is no good for you.
Am thinking of you but need to go now and will log on later xxxxx

ukrainianmum Thu 25-Dec-08 21:06:52

Brazenhussy-hi.How are you doing?? I was thinking about you today.. You know in Ukraine Christmas isn't celebrating on the 25th of Dec, but I still find it hard to be alone on this day... How are you???

I really hope you enjoyed this day as much as possible...

Merry Xmas

brazenhussy Fri 26-Dec-08 19:01:09

Hi ukrainianmum, not too bad today but that's because he's been in touch.

I know I should just not answer his texts but even the most ordinary 'what are you up to?' text makes my day and takes the pain away for a short while.

I have kept as busy as possible caring for my disabled mother and keeping it all together for the DC.

Hope you are finding the strength within yourself to stay out of contact with yours because it only prolongs the healing process.

ukrainianmum Sun 28-Dec-08 09:22:34

OH dear..
Hi.How are you??

Do you want to keep in touch?? Here is my email if you feel like to talk, please write.Maybe we can help each other..
kolchenkola at live dot co dot uk
I will be waiting.
I am not doing great as well.He has been in touch as well... And I didn't expect at all him to write to me coz he never does when he visits his dw

Hope you are good

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