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I'm an aunty...WOW

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KatyMac Wed 17-Dec-08 23:21:16

DB was told he wouldn't have children after cancer 18/19 yrs ago

His wife had a baby girl yesterday

I am s chuffed - I never thought I'd ever be an Aunty

lou33 Wed 17-Dec-08 23:23:47

congratulations grin

wrinklytum Wed 17-Dec-08 23:24:20


UnfortunatelyMe Wed 17-Dec-08 23:25:05


dizzyjingles Wed 17-Dec-08 23:26:27

oohh lovely congratulations smile

KatyMac Wed 17-Dec-08 23:33:14

I haven't spoken to him yet - he lives abroad

Alambil Thu 18-Dec-08 08:35:31

How fantastic!! What a great Christmas present smile

CharCharGaboriaInExcelsisDeo Thu 18-Dec-08 08:38:12

Congratulations smile

thebody Thu 18-Dec-08 08:50:09

fantastic, a christmas miracle, x

KatyMac Thu 18-Dec-08 08:54:41

It does feel like a miracle tbh

I really can't believe it, I feel all 'odd'

mumlove Thu 18-Dec-08 10:14:54

Congratulations Aunty Katy grin

jesuswhatnext Thu 18-Dec-08 10:40:55


i lurvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve being an aunty, you get to do cool things,like, have 'midnight feasts' when they stay over, buy toys that mummy had said 'no' to, let them get dirty at the park and not eat their vegetables grin

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