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Tell me about divorce please.

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ChristmasList Mon 15-Dec-08 08:13:57

I wonder if you can help, I have name hanged for this and am not a troll.

I am going to get a divorce, Ex and I are on very good terms there is no fighting or hating involved.

I need to know how we work out the impotent stuff?

We have two children and will have joint custody, but Ex will have residency, he works full time (i have no job) my new partner works.

So how does the family allowance work out?
What about the tax credits? Ex earns about 20K a year and my new DP about 40K.
I am going to look for a job.
I don't want Ex to be left with money problems.

All advice welcome.

TheChristmasArmadillo Mon 15-Dec-08 14:11:12


citronella Mon 15-Dec-08 14:19:27

Regardless of how well you get on now, get a solicitor

AFAIK in UK you do not have "joint custody" you have joint parental responsibility simply by virtue of being the parents but only one of you has "residency" and the other has "contact". Make sure your solicitor explains clearly.

Sorry I don't know about family allowance.

KimiChristmasCake Mon 15-Dec-08 19:35:16

bump, sorry no advice

HappyWoman Mon 15-Dec-08 19:42:40

get a solicitor - it may all seem lovely at the moment but it can get very nasty very quickly, however much you dont want it to.

Why is he having custody/residency of the children?
It is never black and white either there are so many thngs to think about - who is going to make decissions in the future about all matters - with all the best will in the world you are bound to disagree over something in the future and you need to set clear boundaries about what each of you is responsible for.

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