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Wish I liked him more...

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weesaidie Sat 19-Mar-05 22:20:18

Does this ever happen to you?

I am single and have recently attracted the attention of one of my sisters friends. He is a very lovely guy and would probably make a great boyfriend.

Eg, we (along with friends) were out at a club last night (dd was at her dads) and when he left he asked me to send a txt when I got home, I did, along the lines of, had a lovely evening, hope you had fun. He sent one back saying he had had a fantastic evening, it was really lovely to see me and hoped he'd see me again soon. How sweet is that??

The problem is although I like him I don't think I like like him! I don't know him that well and I don't want to go out with someone if I am not sure. I did that with my last boyfriend and DID NOT work out!

I find it so disappointing! I really wish I liked him more, I haven't had someone I really cared about for a while and I sometimes wonder if I am doomed to be fancied by men I am not that into!

starshaker Sat 19-Mar-05 22:23:47

hi thats normal why dont you just see how things go u might get to like him more the more u know him he does sound like a nice guy so dont right him off yet just cos sparks didnt fly

weesaidie Sat 19-Mar-05 22:41:15

I am sure you are right.

The problem is I feel like I am being a little pushed into it, by sister, friends etc. I actually said to my sister last night that I needed more time... hopefully they'll let me have some!

mancmum Sun 20-Mar-05 12:01:13

I had the same thing... my dearest best friend wanted us to get together and on paper he would have been perfect partner... very funny, kind caring supportive, clever, well read, loaded, generous -- you name the positive attribute -- he had it... but sadly for me though I love him dearly for all the above things, 'it' just is not there despite my really wanting it to be... you can not force these things...

Lonelymum Sun 20-Mar-05 12:29:44

If he really likes you, he will give you time. He is not going to disappear is he? I mean, if he is a friend of your sister, he will be around in a few weeks time won't he? Perhaps you could meet him again in a group situation and see if he grows on you (no rude jokes please!)

weesaidie Sun 20-Mar-05 18:45:26

I am sure I will see him again with a group... probably during some kind of poker playing evening or something...

Think I will try not to worry about it and just see how things go...

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