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i could not believe it

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vk23 Fri 18-Mar-05 17:49:02

I have just been on a website and was appalled to read a post by someone who said her husband had beaten and raped her for the past three years and nothing had been done to stop it from happening. It went on to say how she was no pregnant by him and how much she loved him ... I didnt quit know what to say to her but I was totally appalled this behaviour continues in modern day.

bunni Sat 19-Mar-05 00:06:44

Lots of things happen in this day that apall (sp?) us but we can do not a lot to stop these things happening

tiffini Sat 19-Mar-05 00:17:31

whilst i pity this woman she needs to take responsibility for her unborn child and get the hell away from him, there are far too many abused children in this world without subjecting another one to that kind of misery. as for the husband having a rotten childhood is a lousy excuse for violence in my book, whatever happened to self control

tiffini Sat 19-Mar-05 00:19:00

ignore the rotten childhood bit, got confused with another story

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