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idontlikesundays Sun 23-Nov-08 15:51:13

Can you tell me your experiences of Relate or other marriage guidance counselling, please? I think we need it - I suspect he won't want to, but I think I need to on my own even if won't do it.

BigBadMouse Sun 23-Nov-08 16:09:51

Haven't actually used their services - and not sure we will now anyway - but they were incredibly kind, helpful and efficient when I phoned them up to ask about appointments etc. Was a bit shock at the £56ph charge though (but you don't have to pay the whole lot if you can;t afford to)

BCNS Sun 23-Nov-08 16:39:32

Dh and I went.. he didn't want to.. but the session we did was good in the sense that he was told that my POV wasn't stupid as he thought it was.. and that I wasn't being the unreasonable one.

he refused to go again after that.. and things didn't change after that.

IMO it's something that you both have to want to do.. or see a need for doing.

notbeenaround Sun 23-Nov-08 20:22:26

Can report a positive outcome from going to relate - it saved my marriage, but its not for everyone and really depends on the counsellor - ours was fantastic grin
good luck

flamingnora Tue 25-Nov-08 12:20:22

Can anyone tell me how it works, how many sessions they advise and how much it costs?

santacolada Mon 22-Dec-08 19:35:48

sorry to hijack this thread, but im interested in this too - what does it actually involve, does a coucellor just help you to air your problems with the occassional imput? this is probably a stupid question but it is something i worry about and would need to know what exactly was involved beofre doing it due to problems that we have thanks

notbeenaround Mon 22-Dec-08 19:45:05

You go for a consultation first, whereby you explain what the problems are and then you go onto a waiting list (which can be long, anything upto 3 months) counsellors do not take sides, they listen to each person and help you talk to each other. My counsellor was fantastic and she picked up on the little things and really helped us see each others point of view.

As for the cost, well it can be anything upto £60 but some GPs do offer relate counselling and they are free although you only get around 6 sessions.

santacolada Mon 22-Dec-08 19:47:49

thanks notbeenaround do they push you to talk about things you might not want to - things that you might not want to talk or tell your dh about or d they just let you take it at your own pace and discuss what you both think is necassary?

honestfriend Mon 22-Dec-08 21:33:07

I work with several counsellors.

They won't push you into disclosing anything you are not comfortable with.

You can see them together or separately. You might need 2 sessions or 22. everyone is different.

It's a question too of personality- if you don't "gel" with t he counsellor, you can see someone esle.

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