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Text your dp/dh "I love you" right now and see what response you get!!!

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teenspirit Tue 18-Nov-08 11:26:17

I just got "what have you done?"!!!

ChirpyGrinch Tue 16-Dec-08 09:40:01

I just tried thsi as DH is back in work after nearly 2 weeks off, and he rang within 30 seconds and said
'What prompted that then?' <deeply suspicious tone fo voice>
'Nothing, just felt like saying it'
'No really'
'Well, I just wanted to see what you woudl say'
'Are you MNing again?'


hannahlouhoo Tue 09-Dec-08 23:44:36

envy kitteh

Kitteh Tue 09-Dec-08 23:38:34

i got back.. "i love you too.. lots.. <3"

hannahlouhoo Tue 09-Dec-08 23:22:07

I tried this twice and got nothing back both times didnt mention this until tonight, to which he replied "oh thought you must have been bored!!"

Never mind now he knows the rules i may try again this week!

heres hoping for a nice reply!

KT1983 Sat 22-Nov-08 19:17:45

"Love you too sexy xxx"

hecate Sat 22-Nov-08 19:13:59

well, i did it and .....

heard nothing!

2 days went past and eventually I asked him

"did you get a text from me?"
"yes i did. I love you too."
yeah right.

JerricaBenton Sat 22-Nov-08 19:11:23

"love you too baby xx"

bruces Sat 22-Nov-08 00:11:31

I got"i love u too,but why the text?is everything ok? have the kids been giving you a hard time?"

he was at a pub quiz,think i might need to do these romantic gestures a bit more,he said it was really sweet to get the text(i'm not v romantic or affectionate normally)

benbon Fri 21-Nov-08 18:06:56

i got an i love you too honey bunny... seeing as he is in the kitchen and im in the lounge i didnt think he would even play the game.

Wisp Fri 21-Nov-08 16:45:39

I got an immediate reply..



oneweemite Fri 21-Nov-08 16:31:45

just did it and got an almost immediate reply of - did you find your present?
am now off to see if i can find it!!

clarabellabella Fri 21-Nov-08 16:10:13

He has been really, really lovely this week as I have been ill, really gross and quite whiny.

clarabellabella Fri 21-Nov-08 16:09:37

I got a text back saying ""I love you too, so much xxx" and "thank you for your text, you're so sweet mon amour" in an email. He is French, so the mon amour is totally justified. Aaaaaaah

IwishIwasmoreorganised Fri 21-Nov-08 15:00:03

I got "I love you too, as always xx"

Have to say I'm pleasantly surprised - DH isn't known for being able to express himself very well or be remotely romantic!

Spaceman Fri 21-Nov-08 14:56:31

Mine was thrilled and rang me up all giggly.

I feel guilty that the idea came from MN and not totally from the heart (although of course i mean it.)

madeindevon2 Fri 21-Nov-08 14:54:04

i got



thell Thu 20-Nov-08 23:24:48

DH didn't notice my text so opened it while standing next to me - replied 'I love you too' with a smile.

I suppose I can let him off for being about eight hours late!

We used to do this quite a lot, but only occasionally these days, and it's always me hmm

jemart Thu 20-Nov-08 22:45:52

I got a smiley

QueenFee Thu 20-Nov-08 19:13:49

No text back but a "I love you too ... lots and lots" when he got back

Nemowith3and1tobe Thu 20-Nov-08 19:04:05

have sent it but dont know where his phone

Nemowith3and1tobe Thu 20-Nov-08 19:02:42

oh do I text dh even though he is only on the

grouchyoscar Thu 20-Nov-08 18:59:45



Straight back......Awwwwh Bless him blush

ALittleBitSadTonight Thu 20-Nov-08 18:54:26

Nada! Zilch. No response whatsoever.


blackrock Thu 20-Nov-08 18:16:15're

blackrock Thu 20-Nov-08 18:15:13

I got a phone call, " Is everything ok?"
My reply," Yes, why'd you ask?"

The reply," I got your message and thought something had gone really wrong, your sure everything is ok?"
"Yes, fine!" me, waiting for something more...
"Thanks for the message, it was nice."

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