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How much do you and your DH/P have in common?

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Bonkerz Tue 15-Mar-05 18:50:33

Have searched archives but cant find a thread like this so apologise if its been done.

I was just wondering because Dh and I dont really share any interests.
# I like Westlife and he likes Nirvava so our music tastes are completely opposite.
# I like to drink alcohol and DH is teetotal!
# I like going out dancing and socialising and DH hates that type of thing.
# I love indian, chinese food etc and DH doesnt eat ANYTHING with onions or garlic!
# I like to have LOTS of friends around me and DH hasnt got any.

So as you can tell DH and i are almost complete opposites! We do share a love of horror films and bowling, pool etc.

vict17 Tue 15-Mar-05 18:51:55

Not much in common here either!! Dh is tee total and I can't survive without my glass of wine. Dh hates pubs/clubs etc

BadHair Tue 15-Mar-05 18:53:49

We're pretty much opposites too. We were once united by our love of pubs, beer and music but since having children my priorities have changed whereas his, well, haven't really.

munnzieb Tue 15-Mar-05 18:53:51

we like u not much -

music - similar, althou he's into more rap/ r'n'b than me.
food - i'm just a fussy mare with it, althou we do like a takeaway (any not fussed)
I love to shop - actually we have that in common as long as it's one girlie shop, one mans shop.
going to the pub, if we're both in the mood.
watching movies.

I do wonder when DH comes home we won't have much in common - althou he tells me he'll make sure we do - now really I can't see him sitting in front of the telly knitting away with me!

Bonkerz Tue 15-Mar-05 18:56:47

We have both tried each others likes. He took me to a buzzcocks concert and i HATED it and he came to see daniel beddingfield with me and HATED it. He is coming to a club nxt weekend but i know he will hate it! He is also a mad sports fan and yes you guessed it, I HATE SPORT!!!!

I love all things paranormal and he hates it. Our evening are mostly spent watching telly in separate rooms cos we cant agree on what to watch!!

munnzieb Tue 15-Mar-05 19:00:09

well how about one of ur programmes one of his? or if DH is watching something I really don't wanna watch (ie that car programme deals on wheels or something) I either get a book or do a bit of cleaning, (althou we do it in the same room so we can both still talk to each other if we want to), then after he's watched his one (and I don't moan) I watch one of mine and he sits and watches/reads or something.

Branster Tue 15-Mar-05 19:01:28

Not much anymore.

Bonkerz Tue 15-Mar-05 19:04:46

yeah we treid that but dh has this horrible habit of talking (or trying to talk) to me when im watching my shows!! We do spend time together but just wondered if we were normal! Thankfully it looks like we are!

Dh says that as long as our core wants and likes are the same we are fine and i must admit that we both share the same views etc about family, life work etc...

merrygoround Tue 15-Mar-05 19:08:44

Agree with you Bonkerz - on the surface you couldn't get two more different people that me and dp - but underneath the thing that has kept us together is shared values - things like attitude to children, to money, to family, to being faithful etc

kama Tue 15-Mar-05 20:00:39

Message withdrawn

Posey Tue 15-Mar-05 20:46:01

Agree with what has been said by some of you. On the surface we appear quite different interests-wise. He's quite "arty" whereas I was always more "scientific", career-wise anyway. We both like music and reading but very different styles.
We like the same food though, and both have always preferred meals out or with friends than clubs.
But we have very similar views towards our families, values etc and I think thats the most important thing. Funnily enough the only boyfriends in my past that made it to "serious" status were also family orientated.

By the way, I must say that in the 16 years we've been together we have grown more alike

pixel Tue 15-Mar-05 22:37:11

We do enjoy the same programmes/books etc and have the same sense of humour, but in other ways we are different. For example, dh always has to have music on and has loads of cds whereas I prefer peace and quiet and don't think I've ever bought a cd. He can play instruments, I'm tone deaf! I like arts/crafts/gardening, he's more into computers. We are comfortable with our different interests, it doesn't cause friction between us. I think it's partly because we have worked as well as lived together for the past 10 years and we have needed to create a bit of space. We do agree on the 'big' things though like how our children should be brought up.

In the beginning of course we made an effort to enjoy each other's hobbies. Dh went horseriding ONCE and I played golf ONCE! That was quite enough for both of us!

moondog Tue 15-Mar-05 22:40:12

Golf!!!That's love for you....

joash Tue 15-Mar-05 23:20:29

Not too sure what DH and I share - apart from rumpy pumpy .
Our taste in music are not really opposites, just very eclectic - although I can't think of anything that we'd both like 100%
we both like very different tv programmes and films
We both hate clubs
Food wise - He loves anything at all that I cook.
He comes from a family where his mum and dad have been together for almost 60 years and I come from a family with one mother, one biological dad, one step mother, and 6 stepfathers.
He has one brother and one sister, whilst I have 1 sister to same mum and dad / two brothers and another sister to same mum but different dads / two step sisters (joined the family through one of mums marriages) / 6 brothers and four sisters - same dad, different mum.

The main thing that we have in common apart from our own three kids and one grandson - is that neither of us can figure my bloody family tree out

lilibet Wed 16-Mar-05 09:17:50

Someone once said to me that you need enough in common to be comfortable but enough differences to keep it interesting!

marialuisa Wed 16-Mar-05 09:34:48

TBH we don't have much in common at all-except we both come from seriously screwed up families. But our reactions to our families and the way the families are screwed up are very different!

TwinSetAndPearls Wed 16-Mar-05 12:25:59

On the surafce we have nothing in common which has worried me in the past but there a few things

We both love animals and walking.
We are both ahve quite old fashioned traditional family values.

Most importantly we both adore our daughter!!

Lucycat Wed 16-Mar-05 12:45:25

I think it helps that dh and I have been together for hundreds of years (well 17 years nearly omg) ans we sort of 'grew up' together. We are quite similar we like sport, food, wine (lots of it)the same TV shows (dh loves Desperate housewives!)books ooh loads of things, but I think the key thing is that we have the same values about things like parenting and our roles in each other's lives. I am lazier than him, I have 2 speeds, a million miles an hour and stop, he is much more consistent. We probably are soul mates if there is such a thing and while it's not all plain sailing and you do have to work at it - life is great. I'm very lucky and happy.

dyzzidi Wed 16-Mar-05 12:50:36

God Bonkers you sound like me We watch tv in different rooms on a regular basis. When travelling we have his cd then my CD on in the car as we hate each others music he doesn't read yet I read 3/4 books a week, we are so different.

Although the things we agree on are Family, home, holidays, morals and our love for each other which is why I think we work!

clare1980 Wed 16-Mar-05 12:51:14

me and dp are into mostly the same things but i think that is because where he lives there is not much to do so i have kinda adopted his likes, he does watch some really boring crap on tv but i put that down to his age(40 me 24) and music wise i like his music he hates mine but will listen to it but other than that we are mostly the same

justamom Wed 16-Mar-05 15:46:36

funny to ask!!! My DH and I couldn't be more opposite, people that don't know us and people that do know us, notice right off the bat...our pesonalities...he's the tell people what they want to hear and i well sometimes should just keep my mouth shut...i'm the social one...he's isn't...i love to dance...can't get him to.....i'm a lil on the tom boy side..a lil rough sometimes..and he well i picture him with a cute lil blonde that never says anything...
when we met i knew he wasn't my type, but for some reason we have stayed together 6 years and still going..6 years and i have to say it gets better and better...atleast now we don't fuss about what the other one likes anymore we just allow each other to be who we are..
for instance my DH hated the way i talked..(grew up with boys and a lil thugish ) well he was a pretty boy that never used slang..well i gave in a lil and started correcting my speech and he gave in a lil and doesn't bug me when i get mad and the mouth starts to start spitting out things
We have learned from each one is perfect makes life interestingwe have learned to accept ALL people for who they are and where they come from...I love DH, even though we practically HAD nothing in common,now we have each other

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