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Dh finding it most annoying that am using MN!!!

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dropinthe Mon 14-Mar-05 15:14:57

Has anyone else had this problem? I think he feels left out and as though Im sharing all my problems with you lot(it would take alot of threads!!)So have to use as much as possible in the day when alot of people are at work-
Anyone got any suggestions how to placate the old git???

Enid Mon 14-Mar-05 15:31:58

if he's anything like mine you will never placate him, he thinks it is dreadful

anorak Mon 14-Mar-05 15:32:56

The old ways work the best

NomDePlume Mon 14-Mar-05 15:33:34

Mine does too. Sod him.

Enid Mon 14-Mar-05 15:34:31

agree with anorak it keeps him off my back (er so to speak)

redsky Mon 14-Mar-05 15:39:18

think dh is secretly relieved that I've stopped nagging him about 'children issues'. MNers are way better at gossiping and advice than he is!!

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 14-Mar-05 15:40:03

My dh is the same but I think it's because he doesn't understand it.

My point with him is that, I don't drive, I don't really have any RL friends that live near, my family are 50 miles away, he works away sometimes, he hogs the tv and plays on his playstation so why can't I mumsnet?

He normally shuts up after all that!!

motherinferior Mon 14-Mar-05 16:04:55

The first rule of Mumsnet: WE DON'T TALK ABOUT MUMSNET.

And if questioned, lie furiously.

anorak Mon 14-Mar-05 16:07:58

Kayleigh told her mum last week that I was 'a friend of a friend'. Her mum said, 'she has so many friends.'

Snigger snigger

Enid Mon 14-Mar-05 16:09:19

mi - hilarious

motherinferior Mon 14-Mar-05 16:10:56

Every relationship needs a bit of mystery.

Enid Mon 14-Mar-05 16:11:57

Frizbe Mon 14-Mar-05 16:12:56

Get him another desktop (or use the excuse to get a laptop) and sign him upto Everquest II, works with my dh!

SeaShells Mon 14-Mar-05 16:13:29

My DP was abit like that at first until he realised that due to MN he now gets to watch the footie when ever he likes, he'll say 'are you going on MN tonight' and I say 'hmmm I take it the footies on tonight' everyone's happy!

Keane Mon 14-Mar-05 16:14:03

thought it was just my dh!
although mine *has8 to hear about it

dropinthe Mon 14-Mar-05 16:40:31

Bloody hell-only been off for an hour and a bit(was feeling guilty so had to get the obligatery housework done before dh came home)Now trying to get my last bit in before he does-I love chatting on here-it reminds me I'm a human with a life,an oppinion and loads of other people who share the same anxieties,laughs,loves etc etc as me.
Thank you!

purpleturtle Mon 14-Mar-05 16:41:50

mine signed up, so now I have to beat him to the computer, and put up with him reading over my shoulder.

dropinthe Mon 14-Mar-05 16:47:16

Does he know your nickname?? I can just imagine him scanning the threads looking for problems relating to you both with his beedy eyes!!!

Blossomhill Mon 14-Mar-05 16:48:37

Yes, my dh was furious with me over the weekend. He said all I hear is tap, bloody, tap!!!

desperatehousewife Mon 14-Mar-05 17:30:26

God yes - mine thinks all i do is sit tapping away all day gossiping. When of course what I'm actually doing is fastidiously doing the housework and thinking of ways to make money for the family (like getting a job?!). God, now he knows I've signed up to MSN - he's not impressed! And yes, I do feel guilty. Becuase it is so flipping addictive. But so necessary too.

SeaShells Mon 14-Mar-05 17:59:22

My DP was away last week on a training course and he was home for the weekend, I said he could have a few minutes on the computer () while I made a cup of tea, I heard him shouting 'what the hell is all this beeping!' he wasn't impressed with my new obsession, I'd downloaded Trillian/MSN while he was away

littlemissbossy Mon 14-Mar-05 18:01:58

It's definately not just your dh's - mine too - I'm often greeting with "oh god, you're not on bloody mumsnet again are you?"

kama Mon 14-Mar-05 18:02:33

Message withdrawn

munnzieb Mon 14-Mar-05 18:07:31

well mine's not here, but when he is here I come on and as he's passing the room I shout out ooh so and so has a problem with.... what eva (normally one he can answer) he answers and goes on his merry way not minding me talking here cos he then thinks he's involved, and he'd rather not be involve I think! lol. esp when it's 'girlie' stuff.

trinityrocks Mon 14-Mar-05 18:20:38

[smug emoticon] my hubby thinks it's really good for me and often asks if I've got any helpful advice today on it. He knows that I ask you guys stuff

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