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I want to do something lovely for dp - ideas please

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TheVillageIdiot Fri 11-Mar-05 12:51:12

Hi guys,

I want to do soemthing really special for my dp, something to show that I absolutely worship the ground he walks on but I have no idea what to do.

I don't want to propose 'cos I'd like him to do that. I don't want to ask him to move in because my house is too small and he's about to start building us one anyway. I can't buy him an expensive engraved watch/gift as he would never wear it. His work is manual so an nice pen is no good.

So what could I do that would really touch a man? I just want to do something that says "I love you" but everything I think of I rule out as I don't think he'd like it. Heeelp!! what would your fellas like or what would you think of?

colditzmum Fri 11-Mar-05 12:52:06

Kinky knickers and an all night pass to them!

katzguk Fri 11-Mar-05 12:53:18

i know they're a bit cheesey but what about getting him a star in both your names.

What about a romantic weekend break doing things he'd like.

Or all men would love to drive a formula one car!

TheVillageIdiot Fri 11-Mar-05 12:53:42

Lol, we do that sort of thing regularly so wouldn't be special. It's not unusual for him to come in and find me waiting for him (so to speak) in naughty undies and playthings.

nailpolish Fri 11-Mar-05 12:54:09

a bj always goes down well in our house (excuse the pun) wrap yourself in a big red ribbon

saintshar Fri 11-Mar-05 12:54:43

What about paying for a romantic night away somewhere. I know my DH would love that - come to think of it so would I!!!

TheVillageIdiot Fri 11-Mar-05 12:56:16

Katzguk - he used to race quads and motorbikes so he thinks f1 is boring.

We are going for a weekend away in a couple of weeks with some friends.

Could book a weekend for just us somewhere but where. He's a drinker and would be bored stiff in a quite country retreat

sweetmonkey Fri 11-Mar-05 12:58:08

i did this for valentines and it worked so well im doing it again tomorrow, :
a nice quiet evening in, candles, nice music, good food, champagne, then bath together give each other massages and then love making .
i also got helium balloons done that said i love you,
my man was really chuffed so gonna have a night on tomorrow.
doesnt have to be expensive just as long as you are both together

nailpolish Fri 11-Mar-05 12:58:36

go to a beer festival in germany or something, get a ferry to bruges or amsterdam (amsterdam is fab)

TheVillageIdiot Fri 11-Mar-05 12:58:57

Ok, lets rule out the sex options - we do it at least once a day and we're quite adventurous so there's nothing I could offer in the bedroom that would be a real treat.

Except maybe another woman and that's not exactly the message I was going for

soapbox Fri 11-Mar-05 12:59:58

I think a surprise city break would be lovely. Children taken care of and you tell him your going shopping or something mundane, but instead you drive to the airport and jet off somewhere fantastic for a romantic weekend. Maybe Marakesh or Istanbul, somewhere exotic.

The crucial element is surprise, IMHO

Sounds so nice I might have to do it myself!

Whatever you decide - enjoy it

TheVillageIdiot Fri 11-Mar-05 13:00:28

Beer Festival sounds like a brilliant idea actually.

TheVillageIdiot Fri 11-Mar-05 13:01:50

Soapbox - that's not a bad idea. Will look into it - it's just getting dd sorted as we are already going away for a weekend in a couple of weeks without dd.

Also dd is not dp's so have to rely on my parents for child care.

TheVillageIdiot Fri 11-Mar-05 13:06:11

What about booking a weekend away, just telling him to meet me at a certain place with a weekend bag and his passport.

alicatsg Fri 11-Mar-05 13:14:21

could you get tickets to his fave football team or something?

TheVillageIdiot Fri 11-Mar-05 13:16:16

He doesn't follow football.

Might be able to get tickets to the superbikes or something though - he'd like that.

lou33 Fri 11-Mar-05 14:23:12

i sent dh to barcelona on his own for 5 days for his birthday last summer, booked the room sorted the flight etc, what about something like that?

TheVillageIdiot Fri 11-Mar-05 14:31:54

He'd hate to go on his own.

I don't know, nothing seems 'enough' iyswim. I think because this is our second time round and I treated him badly when we split up the first time I feel really greatful that he has put it all behind him (on the face of things) I'm greatful that he even got back with me. I would just really love to be able to do something special that sya "I love you, I'm here to stay and I'm really greatful for everything".

I know under the surface he still thinks about our split and I think deep down it still bothers him. I know I can't take back what happened and it doesn't get in the way but I just love him so much I'd really love to do something special for him.

bibiboo Sun 13-Mar-05 18:39:27

An Ipod, pre-filled with hi fave songs.

I got dh an Ipod for his b'day last week and now he worships the ground I walk on, albeit with his headphones in, singing to himself!

Niddlynono Sun 13-Mar-05 18:43:24

Don't know what your budget is but how about seeing if his favourite band are playing in a European city or something and go out for a weekend?

Niddlynono Sun 13-Mar-05 18:50:27

Bibiboo's post reminded me that I know someone who runs a company who can provide you with an iPod, rip (download) your entire CD collection, even find new music for you based on your musical tastes and compile bespoke playlists for any situation ie. a morning work out, doing the ironing, throwing a dinner party. It's a great service and I think Liam Neeson has used it for his anniversary party. Let me know if you're interested and I'll get their details.

SadSam Mon 14-Mar-05 12:16:22

Hi Village, as my DP is well into Superbikes both world, british and Moto GP, in fact I am a total Superbike widow!!! Then I can highly recommend a track day with a difference! The Ron Haslam race school at Donnington hold track days with tuition and a personal instructor for the day. It is brilliant. I bought my DP one for his birthday last year and he said it was the best present he has ever had. He got to ride a brand new Honda CBR900RR Fireblade, meet Ron Haslam (ex Superbike racer), meet Niall McKenzie and learn how to ride like the Superbike riders! You even get the chance to ride pillion with Ron Haslam if you have any money left! It was a brilliant day, he loved it and we got some brilliant photos, video footage and he even got a full days report of how he progressed and a certificate signed by Ron Haslam himself.

TheVillageIdiot Mon 14-Mar-05 12:54:31

SadSame - that sounds perfect!!

He used to racec and is pretty good - Used to do stunts with me on the back.

He can almost get his elbow down so maybe something like that would be brilliant!! I am off to look into it this very minute - thank you!!!

TheVillageIdiot Mon 14-Mar-05 13:06:27

Oh and also -

I asked him the other day - said we were talking about it in the office. After telling me he wanted a 13 inch cock so he could star in porn he later said "I want to marry you and for us to be together forever" ahhhhhh

SadSam Mon 14-Mar-05 13:11:31

Village, so glad you think its a good idea! Im sure if hes anything like my DP that he will love it! The way to my mans heart is always through motorbikes!!! Your DP sounds very talented in that department, what bike does he ride? Mine rides a Ducati 999 with full Fila rep paintwork, its his pride and joy!!! Im sure he loves it more than me sometimes! Lol - Just kidding!

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