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Kally Sun 02-Nov-08 15:47:07

Has anyone on here had a baby/got pregnant over the age of 45? I had my last child when I was 41 and I am now the oldest mother at parents night etc. grin

I am not menopausal (yet), but just wondered about others and if they had any children over that age mark and how did they cope physically/mentally.

Personally she has been the easiest to 'raise' (altho I did this alone so there maybe something in that hmm and pregnancy and actual birth was a breeze, even tho she came after 11 years...

I was just 'toying' (perhaps been round neices 3 month old baby got me broody?) Ahhhh those fat little legs and the baby smell and soft warm head... OK get a grip! (I'm over 45)... Does anyone else get like this or is it just me?

WhirlingStirling Sun 02-Nov-08 15:57:41

Nope! Am 43 now and am so glad that is all behind me - never get broody at all.

Must just be you smile

GrabShellDude Sun 02-Nov-08 16:00:10

Yes definitely recognise this! But I know I am not truly broody because I want a baby, a lovely, cuddly sweet-smelling baby. I don't want a child or a teenager!

Just remind youself that the gorgeous cute little bundle grows up. Very fast.

Kally Sun 02-Nov-08 16:03:31

Yeah, I guess.

But I have two older children and they are abroad, DD3 is 11 now and more and more independant... and I look around and suddenly it's just me and the 2 cats. Life gets suddenly lonely and empty. (Perhaps I'm not broody but menopausal?)grin ... far more likely no?

Is there anyone who has had a baby THAT late in life tho?

BalloonSlayer Mon 03-Nov-08 09:38:21

I was 43 when I had my (unplanned) third... but I know someone who had her first at 45.

2 relatives of mine had babies at 48 (many years ago though).

Wasn't Cherie Blair 45 when she had Leo? And 47 when she got pg again but sadly lost it?

As for coping physically/mentally - no difference really. I have no less energy now than when I was 16 - I have always been severely lacking in that respect. 10pm has always been a late night for me grin.

HappyWoman Mon 03-Nov-08 09:42:59

I am with you there - i have 4 already and now my lo has started school i think i may be broody - but like you i think it may the changing hormones - i am not menopausal yet (i hope) but i think the biological clock has a lot to answer for.
I am 43 too and so feel it is too late.

Also i think i want only the baby not the mess stress and all that they bring with them.

Kally Mon 03-Nov-08 14:58:34

Its that horrible *too late* feeling that gets me. Plus the fact that I had to wait 8 years for my first child, had two together (sdpace of 18 months) then a huge gap till I fell (unplanned) with my little one. She was a happy surprise then, as I thought that was it for me... Whats up with me? Keep thinking about it and shaking my head sadly... (Just wish I'd had another one)... ah well.

Didn't know Cherie Blaire was going for one at 47 (amazing) shame tho, yeah.

Just to think tho' that those 'eggs' have been laying there since I was in my Mothers womb... must be kind of 'addled' by now! OK, shake up... get real... spose now I should be looking forward to grandchildren, the ones you can give back when you've had a days worth and go to bed and sleep....

HappyWoman Mon 03-Nov-08 16:28:08

My 4th was a total shock and not a nice one for the whole of the nine months. One of the things that kept me going was that i read that not many get to menopause and wish they had had fewer children but a fair amount wish they had more.
Trouble is when is it time to say stop? hmm

Kally i am sure it is the hormones - pop into your local mums and tots group and see the screamers to bring you down to earthgrin.

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