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Just fallen out my my dad :(

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pinkroses Wed 09-Mar-05 17:18:14

Just had a huge row with my dad and he has left refusing to speak to me ever again. I don't even know what it was about.

I am so upset. Why do people turn on you...especially parents. I always thought a parent gave you unconditional love, but that doesn't seem to be true as I haven't done what my dad tells me, so now he isn't speaking to me.

I am crying as i am writing this. I am heartbroken.

nutcracker Wed 09-Mar-05 17:19:41

Oh no Pinkroses, have you no idea what it is all about ??

pinkroses Wed 09-Mar-05 17:24:15

just stupid arguements. He listens to everyone else's opinion around him, but if I say something I get told how I always find fault with everyone and I don't trust people...and I'm never happy.

Just mean comments towards me. I don't deserve them.

nutcracker Wed 09-Mar-05 17:25:54

Maybe he will apologise then when he has calmed down and thought about what he said, do you think ???

I can understand why you are upset, i would be too if i fell out with my dad.

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