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shoptilidrop Wed 22-Oct-08 16:38:58

I am really angry. I have big problems with my dad/ step family and sister below me. I moved area a month ago and decided to cut contact for my own sanity. ( not a decision i took lightly, but i couldnt go on how it was much longer). In the end out of feeling guily/misguided loyalty i gave my dad my address and phone number. Ive spoken to him, and hes given out my phone number without my persmission to several people i did not want to have it. I now find out, that he has given my address to my mental sister, whos last words to me was that she was going to come round to my house and rip me to shreds.
What do i do....... am i wrong to be so angry and why the hell cant i just be left alone.

Moogatron Wed 22-Oct-08 16:46:04

Speak to the police about it the threat- there are laws against that kind of thing. you could get a court order banning her from a radius around you. Also, sneaky thing this- tell your dad how upset you were that he passed on the details and that you've decided to move house again. But don't move, however, do change your phone numbers and consider changing your name by deedpoll. He may well pass on your 'new' address to the people you don't want him to, but hell, you don't live there!! Pick a real address, like a massive tower block of flats, but invent a new flat number. The tower block exists, but the flat doesn't. I am rather devious aren't I?!

SongbirdScreamsInTheDeadOfNite Wed 22-Oct-08 16:48:42

Blimey, I'm not surprised you're fuming! Change your number, and if she comes round, don't answer the door and call the police. Families, eh? Jeez!

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