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Another thread about dc meeting dp

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greeneyedgirl Sun 19-Oct-08 17:27:02


I have been with my partner since January, and although my dd has met him briefly on occasions when he has come to pick me up when we are going out, she has not met him formally.

To be honest, this is really because of me, I am holding back because after a failed marriage and another disasterous relationship since, I am naturally wary about how this relationship will go. My dp has mentioned meeting her before, so I am pretty sure he would be willing and I am starting to realise that I really need to introduce them officially.

I live with my parents at the mo as i am currently broke, and dd is a very happy, bubbly little girl who loves being with people so I think she would be fine. Thing is, my husband, who I am divorcing, can be very up and down, and although I have told him about my dp, I'm not sure how he will take dd meeting another man.

Dp and I are committed to each other, we know that we are are in love and would like things to go long term. I know I really need to take this step of letting dd and dp into each other's lives, but how do I do it? I am in new territory here and really need some advice as to how to take things forward.

NotDoingTheHousework Sun 19-Oct-08 17:32:37

Message withdrawn

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